Baseline Integration portal to control your integration environment

Baseline Integration Portal

When it comes to Integration, you must be careful with the details. To keep track of which systems share what information, what connections are up, be able to answer such questions as "What happened to my invoice?" and quickly find and fix problems, requires control over the integration environment.

Baseline Integration Portal gives you control over the integrations, even in the Digital Dimension's ever-changing landscape. Baseline Integration Portal is a tried and tested service that includes integration solutions and user-friendly tools so that you can manage different connections, understand the integration landscape and track messages. The service is based on years of knowledge and experience and delivers exactly what you need to put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your integration platform.

Baseline Integration Portal in the cloud or locally

Baseline Integration Portal can either be operated as a cloud service from our data centres in Sweden or Finland, or locally in your organisation. The benefits of the cloud service are that you never need to think about investing in hardware or software, installations, upgrades or support functions. Everything is included in the fixed monthly cost.

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