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The future is within Cloud and the future is now! In the next few years, we will see one of the biggest business transitions within our time - and we are traveling fast. The benefits with Cloud are many and you might have different reasons for lifting and shifting your load. Cost optimization, agility, flexibility, security and innovation are some of the benefits – but you need a simple, smooth and smart journey in order to maximize the business value and get ROI.

Travel smart!

Are you about to lift and shift? Great! The journey to cloud is necessary if you want to create new opportunities fast and be in the absolute forefront. However, the journey can also be complex and almost impossible to comprehend. Where do you start and how? Should you lift with a Big Bang or start with support systems less critical? How mature is your organization for Cloud and what benefits  are you aiming for?  

One of the big issues when moving to cloud is cost control and optimization. The cloud can be a more cost-effective way forward, but you need to be in control of your solution and the costs connected to it. You need to optimize and scale up and down based on actual needs and you need to be able to move fast. This can be quite challenging due to lack of resources and experience. This can actually prevent you from utilizing the solution in the best possible way.  

We know that keeping track of the costs in the cloud can be one of your major concerns. We have seen many companies concerned about costs running fast once in the cloud and nobody really knows why or how to get back in control. 

Security is another very important challenge for the vast majority of companies going cloud. Today the cloud is actually more secure than some of your old solutions on-premise. But you need to know what to ask for and why. No matter what you choose; Public, private or a hybrid solution – make sure you cover requirement for operational and maintenance services when it is all up there. The business value comes from utilizing the solution fully based on your specific needs. 

Bringing it all together – We’ll support all the way

With Enfo Cloud Care we support you all the way in your cloud journey. We make sure you travel simple, smooth and smart. We make sure you get the ROI you want from your investment. Within Enfo we have niched expertise for lifting, shifting and supporting you in the cloud. We help you clarify your current situation, set the target for where you want to be next and then we help you get there. Once in the cloud we’ll help you manage the solution. Any cloud platform you choose or which system you want to lift and shift - Enfo is here to bring it all together for you in the cloud.
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EXPLORE what we know and do


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