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Consulting services for financial process services & information logistics

An effective and digitalized flow of invoicing and data processes provides simpler, smoother, smarter business for your customers. Enfo’s financial consultants help your organization reach its full potential.

invoicing and purchasing processes, mapping financial processes, applications and IT, and leading internal projects. We also develop and introduce solutions for Business Intelligence, handle financial management (accounting department), provide support for necessary process changes to account for things such as changes in the law, and can act as controllers for temporary needs.

Consultant services are always adapted to customer needs and are not tied to specific software applications.

To start with, Enfo will map out your current situation and goals by interviewing key staff and systematically describing the company’s existing processes. The aim is to create a clear picture of the facts, weaknesses and costs, as well as create a list of the necessary development efforts in order of priority.

In a workshop, we will establish a common vision together with you considering the current situation and your development potential.

Mapping services with Enfo ZmartScan

By evaluating the efficiency of your financial management, we can identify your development needs. Enfo ZmartScan provides an overview of your current costs and potential savings, as well as comparative data from similarly sized companies.

We advise mapping for companies that would like to strengthen their existing financial processes and lower expenses. Mapping can also be appropriate to determine next steps during a restructuring or when key staff retire or leave. Mapping can be especially useful when you wish to transfer the main financial management operations to function as a real business support. This only works when the basic processes are already effectively organized and take little time from the existing resources.

A map to the future

Enfo ZmartScan is a good option when your company is seeking to improve existing financial management and put focus on the organization’s business. Enfo Zmartscan provides an objective, comprehensive analysis of financial processes, making it an excellent foundation for your next steps. The analysis gives you a complete picture of your weaknesses, your most important development areas and where you will find the greatest savings potential. Regardless of how many employees you have, your company will also receive a mapping of uniform and scalable financial processes.

A comparison with similar companies and their best practices is an important part of the mapping process. We answer questions such as, “What have other organizations done to develop their processes?” ZmartScan provides plenty of information for how your organization can develop its business.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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