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Data Warehousing

Investing in a Business Intelligence platform goes way beyond right now. It’s a long-term decision. This is where well-structured data warehousing can provide big benefits. The purpose of a data warehouse is to collect, parse, refine, standardize and store data from your organization’s different information systems to help you make better decisions.

Building an effective BI solution for your company requires combining data warehouse technology with carefully considered definitions of terms and consistently high data quality. At Enfo, we call this an Information Warehouse.

Modern information warehousing consists of multiple components and can be designed in a number of ways. Your system may need to serve many different types of user roles. It could be built in the Cloud or on-premises, and might sometimes require the capability of working in real-time. When planning your information warehouse, it’s critical to consider your organization’s needs.

With several years of experience from successful information warehousing projects, Enfo can help your company build the data warehouse that best fits your needs. Enfo works with leading technology partners to address the continuously changing demands of modern information warehousing. Once in place, you’ll find that a well-structured data warehouse makes it easier to build good analytical applications and reports for quick, relevant analyses of all parts of your business.

Best practices for your information warehouse

A proven methodology means we won’t start your information warehouse project from scratch. Enfo offers a framework called Baseline BI, based on an extensive knowledge capital of Business Intelligence solutions and information warehouse architecture. Baseline BI contains guidelines for best practices from a large number of projects, and includes approaches to information modeling, fault management, registration, data integration and naming standards.

Building the right architecture for your company on a tried-and-tested framework also makes it easier to provide support and maintenance. This results in significantly lower costs, ensuring your information warehouse can provide the biggest long-term benefit to your business.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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