master data management for a stronger core in decision making

Master Data Management

Data, facts, statistics, values. In the Digital Dimension, you have the power to collect, sort and analyze information critical to decision making in your organization like never before. The key to success in information management is providing a common origin for uniting data. That key is Master Data Management (MDM).

Master Data is an assortment of identifiers that describes the core entities of your organization, such as customers, components, suppliers, sites or products. MDM is a methodology that identifies that critical information, enabling your enterprise to link all its critical data to one source. Effective Master Data Management supports decision making by offering reliable data for every level of your organization.

Enfo provides Master Data Management solutions that support organizations’ agile business processes. With a comprehensive understanding of MDM as a whole, we provide Master Data services from Master Data strategy, architecture and development to data governance, data quality management and data cleansing.

Our aim in Master Data Management is to harmonize core concepts that exist in your organization’s various processes and systems with common, acknowledged, corporate-level definitions that are shared throughout the enterprise. The process starts with finding a common vision for MDM and defining the scope together with you. When the MDM process is established, it will supply converged information to every relevant system and process, and serve as a united management process for Master Data creation, usage, updating and removal.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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