All the way to value™ simplifies service & asset management

Service & Asset Management

The Digital Dimension enables countless pathways for Service & Asset Management. How do you know what’s right for your organization? Where do you begin? And what’s the quickest route to success? Those answers are found in simplifying the process without limiting the potential. And that simpler, smoother, smarter concept has a name: All the way to value™.

Quickly achieving your operational targets and getting the most out of your investment start with understanding where you are today on the Service Stair or Maintenance Stair. Together with you, we determine your organization’s maturity level, or “As-Is” position, and tailor a strategy to bring you All the way to value™.

Next steps may include revising existing solutions and/or processes, new implementations, or a combination of both. Pre-packaged KPI levels, processes, system configuration requirements, and other steps based on best practices are designed to move you forward fast.

For new system solution implementations we’ve developed pre-packaged IBM Maximo solutions to fit all maturity levels from small to medium to large. Enfo’s IBM Maximo solution can cover hosting in Enfo Cloud or in your own environment, IBM Maximo licenses (perpetual user licenses or our unique asset-based licensing model), as well as fixed-price system support services.

We believe that the journery to all the way to value ™ never ends. To continue to develop the processes, systems, after which the organization matures is the road to constantly increase value and efficiency.

EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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