Upgrade of WebSphere Application Server V9

WebSphere Application Server

IBM recently launched a new version of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server V9. This new version offers not only new functionality, but also the potential for savings of up to $350,000* in three years. Unfortunately many IT departments do not keep up with the new upgrades, resulting in higher support costs, a greater risk of down time and a missed opportunity for good, new functionality. Another challenge facing IT departments is the complicated licensing model, which can be difficult to deal with and results in the department incurring unnecessary costs. We at Enfo have extensive experience of WAS 9 upgrades and can help you all the way from preparations, implementation, support until you can benefit from the outcome.

A WAS upgrade used to be very demanding and complicated. Strict demands were placed not only on the project manager when planning the work, but also on the developers who needed to change code. On top of all this, it was often also necessary to deal with IBM’s complicated licensing models and to commit to costs over a long period of time. There were also difficulties in building up this kind of competence internally, as there are often changes in personnel, different suppliers and changes to the product in between upgrades. This was usually made even more difficult because new servers had to be ordered and the operating system upgraded at the same time.

With the new version of WAS, IBM has simplified the upgrade process by such means as offering two new tools, which we can help you with!

  • Tool 1 helps to point out where in the code the adjustment needs to be made, which makes the work of developers much easier and saves time.
  • Tool 2 points out how much of the work can be automated and provides an estimate of the manual work. It also helps to identify applications that can be migrated into WAS and provides base data for a server specification.

According to IBM, other benefits of WAS 9 are:

  • Integration with hybrid cloud, which provides opportunities to move applications from on-premise to the cloud, reducing costs
  • New opportunities to run WAS 9 temporarily on different infrastructures
  • Better integration with cloud services to develop your applications faster
  • ROI of 122% in only 16 months*

To make an upgrade easier and to make sure that you get the most out of the new version, Enfo offers the following services:

Preparation – Enfo invites you to a workshop at which we present the new product features. We map out your specific needs in relation to availability and take a look at what a new architecture might look like. We also investigate how to make use of the changed licensing model.

Implementation – Enfo provides resources for the upgrade project with several years’ experience in the field of WAS.

Support – Enfo offers administrative services with a 24/7 SLA. Quality-assured deployment, based on Enfo’s best practice and cloud-based monitoring.

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