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In the Mid-February Gartner published its annual BI-platform Magic Quadrant report. Microsoft have been improving its position several years in a row and this year it was ranked to the leader position of the BI platforms in Gartner’s report. In our Power BI campaign page, we introduce what you should know about this market leading BI-solution and provide you an access to a demo environment.

Power BI is a cloud-based solution for reporting, analyzing and data visualization. The advantages of the solution are user friendliness and ability to adapt to different user roles’ and organization’s needs.  

Power Bi gives you easily the big picture of the critical business numbers and figures. It is an interactive solution with a possibility to drill into data model and providing a deep visual interaction with the solution. Power BI development has focused on usability with different devices, so it is working seamlessly also with smart phone or tablet. You can share your dashboards and reports with others and give alarms when key figures face threshold and require decisions.


  • Dashboards – Everything relevant available with a single view
  • Possibility to deep dive into details
  • Easy to share reports and dashboards with others
  • Actual information to support decision making easily
  • Usage is fast and easy to start an possible to scale with own needs 

Lataa pääsy Power BI -ympäristöön
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Power Bi desktop & service


Power Bi desktop is self-service tool for data collection, analyze and visualization. Power BI desktop enables you to utilize data from different sources and systems and combine it. After the analysis the data can be visualized by creating reports and dashboards. Power Bi is an interactive solution, with a possibilities from key figure dashboards to deep diving to more detailed data, to find detail level information and causalities. 


The reports created in Power BI Desktop can be shared with organizations internal and external users by using cloud based Power BI service. The reports created in Power BI Desktop can be published in Power BI service and shared with selected users by giving them rights to view the reports or also modify them. Users can create customize dashboards to serve needs of a single user or user group better. Power BI Service offers a virtual group works space where other users can modify and create reports and dashboards.