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It is through Novacura Flow that you connect the personnel together with the business system. It is an innovative platform that functions as a layer that lies on top of your existing business system or as a tool where you create your own applications.

With Novacura Flow you get a platform for all of your business apps. Apps which are perfectly adapted in accordance with your business processes. With Novacura Flow® you have a common language between the business activities and IT, between the processes and the business system. And you get a platform where you can simply design and create your own business applications without changing the underlying business system. You can run the same user-friendly, work-based application in different interfaces such as mobile telephones, tablets, computers and hand terminals.

We give you the freedom to work how you want and where you want, and to be as good as you want. No software should hinder you from performing better.

How to work with Novacura Flow

The Novacura Flow® concept is very simple and immediately gives you a return on your investment. In four steps you create a business application that suits your business perfectly.

1. Draw how you want to work. You have now defined your optimal workflow.

2. Connect the workflow to your business system. You now have a runnable application.

3. Run your application on the device you prefer. No matter where your user is or what they are doing you can run your application on a smartphone, tablet, computer or hand terminal. And you can run it online or offline, entirely as required.

4. Improve! Monitor how the business is doing between control points that you specify in your workflow. See what needs to be improved, change the workflow as you drew it earlier and run an updated version of your application. You have now made an immediate improvement to your business.

Or you can do it even easier - choose and run.

We have an extensive library of existing workflows ready to be used. Just choose the workflow that you need, change it if you want and run it directly on the device you prefer.

We have completed workflows for all of our business environments:

  • Field service
  • Field sales
  • Logistics
  • Project delivery
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance


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EXPLORE what we know and do



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