Service and asset management

For the manufacturing industry, the benefits of the digitalization can be tremendous. Manufacturing service and asset operations is a complex entity consisting of processes, devices, systems, materials and other resources. Control of this complex wholeness is a key to success and the role of a modern business platform cannot be highlighted enough.
A digital business platform that connects all the systems offering reliable and real-time data for decision-making and operational efficiency improvement is one of the key elements of manufacturing companies’ digital journey. The benefits of the platform such as improved uptime, optimized inventory levels, sustained asset downtimes and decreased health, safety and environmental risks effect to the whole organization. 
A Modern business platform provides continuous access and control over orders, materials and other resources that makes your organization work smarter and more efficiently, this often leads to cost savings, downtime avoidance and improved productivity. When the business platform is supplemented with analytics solutions, the generated data can be collected, analyzed and visualized to then transform asset performance data into action. 
Smoother operations and higher efficiency are goals for every manufacturing company. By optimizing resources, lowering downtimes and locating bottlenecks, a digital business platform based on best practices can help you to reach these goals. The platform also enables you to exploit possibilities of predictive capabilities that help your organization to further improve productivity, process quality and reduce risk.  
Enfo has long-term comprehensive experience when it comes to service and asset management solutions. Our experience enables us to lean on carefully defined and packaged solutions based on best practices. We have a combination of technical knowledge and exceptional process and operational understanding that makes us a unique solution provider on the market. The starting point for each project is auditing the current situation and defining the gap to the position where we want to be. After that, together with the customer we will identify what would be the best solution that will take you all the way to value and how to get there. We want to be a long-term trusted strategic partner that helps you get best out of your asset and maintenance processes.
We work with industry leading technology partners, such as IBM. IBM Maximo is a system support for service and maintenance operations. Enfo is one of the leading Maximo partners in the Nordics.


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EXPLORE what we know and do