Service and asset management
In process are products and service to map processes and organisations in the customer's business. The aim is to obtain a known process/present situation in order to lay the ground for improvement management, remove variation and create effective processes/organisations with the goal of “easy to do right” and “straight from me”. If the processes are within maintenance, quality, improvement management and new acquisitions they are known to us and we can show practice processes that we adapt based on your business and requirements.

Process mapping

If the process is not known to us, we need to create an image of how the business is managed since we use process mapping to identify the process. If the process is known to us we make use of best practice processes that we have been developing for a long period of time with experience based on different types of industries. The purpose of process mapping is to:

  • Map your present situation approach
  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify your improvement potentials
  • Lay the ground for a standardised approach

value flow

In production we make use of value flow to map, identify and reach consensus on where the improvement potentials are in your system and create the improvement plan required to fulfil the goal. The aim is to:

  • Map your workflow
  • Have losses and waste identified
  • Analyse your workflow
  • Build improvement plan based on facts and needs


Map your organisation’s ability to manage your processes to obtain a present situation and define the desired position. The aim of auditing is to:

  • Map your organisation’s abilities
  • Obtain a common image of the Present Situation
  • Obtain a common image of the Desired Situation
  • Draw up an action plan that takes you to the desired situation


Standardisation is used to rectify, quality assure your business and lay the ground for constant improvements. If the process is known to us we have standardised best practice solutions that we use as the basis for effectively standardising your business. The process is standardised so that WHAT, WHO, WHEN and HOW are shown and operating instructions for support systems are drawn up to describe how they should be used. The aim of standardisation is to:

  • Build in desired characteristics and systematics
  • Create "straight from me to you"
  • Use best practice solutions
  • Adapt based on your requirements and needs

production system

With a production system we wish to digitalise the entire toolbox and your standardisation in order to enable maximum user-friendliness and effectiveness for your business and your improvement work. The solution can be in your intranet or in one of our cloud solutions. The aim of production system is to:

  • Be the toolbox in your improvement management
  • Make visible your philosophy, principles, methods and goals
  • Make standardisations accessible
  • Use best practice solutions
  • Adapt based on your requirements and needs


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