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Enfo Baseline BI speeds up BI development and provides a sound architecture for all BI/DW projects. Baseline BI contains not only pure recommendations for general design, documentation and naming standards, but also functionality to automatically create code as well as practical templates for administration reports, logging and suggested solutions that would otherwise have to be created from the beginning in each project.

Baseline BI also includes an integrated data quality process, a comprehensive set up for logging and monitoring, and a base library with logs and data quality reports.

The architecture in Baseline BI is based on Kimball’s data warehouse architecture and is realised as design patterns and code templates in two different main technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (Baseline BI for Microsoft) and QlikView (Baseline BI for Qlik).

Building up the right architecture and building on a tried and tested framework also makes it easier to provide support and maintain the solution. This results in significantly lower costs, which benefits the customer in the long term.

It brings a number of benefits for you as a customer:

  • Simpler, faster development
  • Less dependence on individuals
  • Simpler troubleshooting and administration
  • Lower administration costs

Manually building large volumes of ETL logic can easily result in the human factor causing inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Baseline BI for Microsoft therefore has not only the base library with code templates, but also a tool to automatically generate ETL logic. This means that our consultants can minimize the time spent on basic, repetitive coding and focus on difficult business problems – where we offer the greatest benefit!

When you engage Enfo, you have access to the knowledge capital of Business Intelligence solutions and information warehouse architecture that we have built up over the years. 
Put briefly, Baseline BI gives you structured, well-documented best practice in how to design and test an information warehouse on a Microsoft SQL Server or a Qlik platform.

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EXPLORE what we know and do




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