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PTM is a web-based tool for the simple, effective and traceable administration of User Defined Data (UDD). There is a need for UDD in most organisations. It may be data such as control parameters, definitions, account maps, product or cost centres, maintenance of organisational hierarchies or other information that is not found in any source system. This kind of information is normally managed in a proliferation of Excel spreadsheets, where there can be different versions and changes made cannot be linked to an individual person.

PTM helps the customer’s organisation in all of these different issues. The major benefits are:

  • The business itself can update the information for which it is responsible without involving IT personnel.
  • Administration and ownership of the information is clear and traceable.
  • All information is stored in one place.
  • The tool can easily be adapted to meet new needs.
  • Avoid having numerous Excel spreadsheets that can be incorrectly filled in, by the wrong person or exist in multiple versions.

One major strength of PTM is its flexibility, which makes it easy to extend the functionality, e.g. with functions such as fault management, configurations, budgeting, case management, etc.
The simplicity in PTM has resulted in many of Enfo’s customers choosing PTM as a tool to support their master data process. Examples of this are mapping of local account structures to create a global chart of accounts and the administration of product properties.

PTM is Enfo’s own product.

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