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Jani Pajula

Jani Pajula is a Senior Specialist, Architecture at Enfo's CIO Office.

Unlike elsewhere in "expert culture", the way Enfo works is not rigidly inflexible. Instead, work towards successful customer projects takes place in a supportive and open environment. 

Relaxed. Trustworthy. Respected. This is how Jani Pajula describes his employer. He has worked at Enfo since 2006, initially as a senior expert and now as an enterprise architect.

Opportunity to thrive

"I’ve enjoyed working at Enfo because I have really been able to have a say in my own career and in developing my expertise. I have chosen interesting tasks, and you could say that I’ve basically been able to do what I wanted. When I tell my bosses that I am developing a particular solution for a customer, they trust my expertise even if that wasn’t originally part of my assignment."

At Enfo there is also an emphasis on expertise and exploiting it to its full potential. This can be seen in the way that employees are allowed to focus all their energies on their work. For example, Enfo pays employees a salary when they go on paternity leave without them having to apply for paternity pay from the social insurance system.

"My duties and my working day vary a great deal so I don’t really have what you can call a normal working day, even though that might sound like a cliché. Sometimes I work 12 hours a day in the run-up to a deadline, and sometimes the pace is much more laid back. Sometimes, when there are meetings with the team for example, I work in the office. Almost just as often, you’ll find me in the library or at home. The most important thing is that the work gets done, not where you are when you are doing it."

Fail quickly. It’s not the end of the world

Trust in employees is also borne out by giving them permission to fail. At Enfo it isn’t a disaster if something doesn’t go the way it was originally planned. 

"Working here, I’ve learned how to fail. And that’s a good thing. Not everything works every time and that’s completely OK. It’s your failures that take you forwards."

Culture of sharing information is open to new ideas

Jani is also grateful for the way his employer focuses on management and a culture that’s open to new ideas.

"We are an expert organisation and here experts get the respect they deserve. Enfo doesn’t really have a traditional management–employee culture. Instead everyone is on the same level. Here it’s perfectly normal to openly discuss new ideas and suggest solutions. If a boss says no to an idea, you also get sound reasons for the negative response and suggestions for how to turn that idea of yours into a solution that will work."

Although Enfo has a professional approach to its work and takes helping customers seriously, the working climate isn’t all too serious.

"New employees are treated as people, not according to their titles or their CVs. What kind of person you are and how you act are the most important things. New recruits are quickly included in the social network of the workplace and are encouraged to expand their own network within the company. We even have our own scorecards for internal networking. Naturally this creates an open workplace culture, but it has a concrete benefit when working on tasks, especially when working on projects where there’s an emphasis on sharing information."

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