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Johan Elgestad

Johan Elgestad is a Support Consultant at the Enfo's Service & Asset Management business area in Gothenburg.

“A classmate tipped me and Enfo off about each other and everything went quickly after that. I’m grateful for the chance to start my career at this particular company. My professional development at Enfo has been amazing. I knew nothing about Maximo, the system in which I’m providing support, when I joined. I’ve had to pick it all up as I go along. As Maximo expertise isn’t easy to come by, it’s extremely valuable to me to have acquired it,” says Johan Elgestad.

Mix of complex and commonplace

In his role as Support Consultant, he has to solve a wide range of problems encountered by clients.

“It’s a job that’s varies immensely. Some of the issues are complex, some are more commonplace.”

A complex issue might be an invisible problem in the system that a user has discovered. As Johan puts it, this requires him to look for needles in haystacks and make in-depth analyses. Helping individual users in the system to switch passwords is much easier by comparison.

“We haven’t provided this kind of support previously. We’re in the process of developing our services and are increasingly taking total responsibility.”

Takes responsibility for internal communication

Although in his role as a consultant he works closely with clients, Enfo’s office near the Göteborg Opera is his main base of operations. In any given day, he’s likely to be back and forth helping several different clients, so it’s more effective to work from his office.

“I’m not part of any sales process, but I act as a first point of contact for many customers. This means that I frequently have to circulate information internally. I’m carrying on a conversation with the client about what they need and my colleagues need a heads-up about what’s going on as well. Internal work can sometimes suffer on account of all the external work consultancy firms do. This is why I see internal communication as my particular concern and responsibility.

The knowledge available to us as a group helps us to save a lot of time and generate more effective work for the client. This results in a more satisfied client as well as more profit for the company.” 

Internal skills transfer

Johan, who’s still relatively new to the industry, has learned a lot from his more senior colleagues.

“There’s a lot of expertise at Enfo and many senior consultants are extremely knowledgeable. I’ve learned an enormous amount in a short space of time and it’s fantastic fun. Climbing up the career ladder isn’t my main priority, even if there are opportunities available here. I’m enjoying learning more an evolving in my job,” says Johan Elgestad.

Johan believes he’s making his mark with a different way of thinking He describes this as always seeing both sides of the coin and that his skills lie in the borderland between technology and soft values.

“There’s a lot of give and take among the people that work here. It’s never a problem to sit down and discuss an issue. And management has made it clear from the start that they want to develop me and expand my skills set, which is incredibly positive from my point of view.”

Is there anything you’ve done at Enfo that you’re particularly proud of?

“I was selected for a High potentials programme in which Enfo has identified 15 people with great potential. The idea is to gain greater insight into how we as a company can grow better together. As there are 800 employees at Enfo, I’m both proud and flattered to have been chosen.”

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