Career Stories June 29, 2017

Digitalization – makes life simpler for the end user

A year ago, Josefine Envall left the film and video industry after 15 years to help build up a new and innovative business from scratch at Enfo Interactive.

The move gave her the chance to work with customers from across different sectors and industries, covering everything from fintech to the travel industry, while at the same time drawing on the experience she had gained thanks to the rapid digitalization of the film industry. 

Josefine has always loved working with new technology and often tests digital solutions as soon as they are launched. For some people, digitalization can seem a little frightening and unknown, but for Josefine, it’s an incredibly cool environment to work in. “Building up a close relationship with a client and improving existing services creates new user experiences, makes life simpler and better for the end user and brings about improvements or streamlined processes. I think that’s an incredibly stimulating and fun thing to do,” she says.

As everyone knows, it’s not always best to be the first to launch new solutions; it’s a question of striking a good balance between being the first out and waiting for the market to mature and determine its needs. Together with the film company Universal, Josefine was involved in the second digital film service in the world (in 2006) to launch the lawful downloading of films (EST). Yet, at the time, customers were not convinced it was possible to own a film digitally. “We had to send them a DVD in the post too,” Josefine recalls. 

At Enfo, Josefine is given considerable personal responsibility, as well as the opportunity to expand; she also has the freedom to influence and drive the business and projects forward. Within the Interactive team in Stockholm, she is currently recruiting developers and project managers and has taken on responsibility for a new concept which offers services within digital concept and service development with a focus on design and new technology. 

IoT and the launch of Digital Dimension LABS

During the past year, there has been a strong focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), a collective term for the inter-networking of physical devices such as machinery, vehicles, goods, household appliances, clothing and other items, as well as “beings” (including people) embedded with small built-in sensors and computers. Josefine has been involved in the development of a “white label” IoT service called “Smart Products”. This is a cloud-based application which is used to offer customers a quick and easy way of getting started and seeing the opportunities of IoT for a specific development project, as well as a practical way of demonstrating IoT using the customer’s own data. Josefine has also worked to develop visual prototypes for two industrial companies. Although they operate within very different industries, Munters (a fan manufacturer) and Eco-log (a forestry machinery manufacturer) have very similar needs as regards making data available via a cloud service.

At the end of May, Josefine was responsible for the launch of Digital Dimension LABS (DDL), an innovative environment where Enfo works closely with its clients to create digital products for the future. The lab is situated on Vasagatan in Stockholm, but in the autumn, it will be launched first in Gothenburg and then in Espoo, Finland. There has been strong interest amongst both existing and new clients, and two workshops to be held in August are already fully booked. One example of a solution which has been developed in DDL is a cloud solution for AMF Fastigheter. Selected properties have been equipped with solar panels, with the aim of showing in real-time what proportion of the property’s energy consumption is being generated by the solar panels on the roof in order to raise awareness of electricity consumption and give some energy-saving tips.

Josefine, however, has not completely left the film industry. When the lab was set to be launched, the Interactive team were convinced something was missing. What describes a lab better than a film? No sooner said than done, Josefine produced a film which describes the procedure that is followed in the lab and how Enfo creates value for its customers.

As a contrast to all the new technology and digitalization, Josefine has recently taken on a different type of ‘lab’ of the slightly older variety. “We have taken on an exciting project to renovate an old stone house in the south of France. It was built in 1792 and still has many original parts, and the floor creaks and slopes. It’s quite a contrast from our modern home and life here in Sweden! The house will remain our sanctuary from 24-hour internet and “smartness” - here, we just want to spend time with friends and family, which gives me a huge boost of positive energy,” concludes Josefine.

To find out more about Digital Dimension LABS and how you can use it, contact Josefine and she will be happy to tell you more.

Name:Josefine Envall 
Position: Strategic Director, Enfo Interactive, Digital Dimension Labs
Lives: Viggbyholm, Täby
Family: Husband and 3 children, twin boys of 10 and a boy of 3 
Leisure interests: Her family and holiday home in France, playing golf and jogging.