Kristina Hagström-Ilievska

Employee of the month March 27, 2017

Learning – an investment for the future in a digitalised world

Digitalisation involves change and renewal. Change, in turn, entails the active involvement of personnel. Nowadays, everything goes so much faster than it did just a few years ago and most businesses are in a constant state of change. To stay competitive in the future, it is essential that managers understand and embrace this situation.

It is a luxury for the management group at Enfo Integration to be able to boast that they have a full-blooded professional who can do precisely this.  Kristina Hagström-Ilievska, Sales and Marketing Manager at Enfo Integration, has a passion for learning and a gift for inspiring people to challenge themselves, push boundaries and dare to learn something new. She is not only a much-appreciated manager – she is also a fantastic colleague. After 15 years in sales management – not least at one of the world’s largest and most reputable corporate training companies, Dale Carnegie, and later as Sweden’s Sales Manager at Brightstar – Kristina is well qualified to lead an organisation on its journey of change. 

- The ability to learn is the foundation of everything. Irrespective of whether it’s a matter of mastering a new language, adjusting to a new digital world, or understanding the importance of integration for successful digitalisation, learning is an investment for the future. My task at Enfo is to convince people to want to make that investment, says Kristina.

Kristina is also deeply interested in people, especially those who are not normally in the limelight. It is no coincidence that Kristina wants to highlight and make visible the role of the System Integrator. An integrator is like a football referee: A referee does not play a prominent role, yet there must be a referee in order for a match to take place. The integrator is needed to bring about, for example, the production of an application that will allow you to check out digitally from a Nordic Choice hotel. 
Many of the changes we see today with new exciting products and services have been made possible by an integrator. It is the integrator who gets systems to talk to each other, across boundaries that were impossible to cross before. It is the integrator who makes all those cool functions that you want actually work. Kristina sees her role as creating preconditions for customers and integrators to meet and talk to one another because it may be that new possibilities for the future will emerge from that sort of encounter.

- I am proud to work at a place with so many smart and passionate people and I take it upon myself to show the industry and customers the huge potential of Enfo Integration. I am looking forward to challenging customers and showing them the smart way into the future.

Kristina describes herself as a naive optimist who endeavours to find and focus on the positive side of human nature.

- I want to leave this world in a better state than it was when I entered it. I want to leave an imprint, says Kristina. 

This approach is evident in both Kristina’s work and private life. Kristina is chairperson of the voluntary association From One to Another, which she started together with other individuals in 2012. This association strives to promote all girls’ right to education and every year, it awards scholarships for high school education. So far, the association has helped 95 girls in south eastern Kenya. Ambitions have now been raised, however, so the group’s current goal is to give 1,000 girls the same opportunity by 2030. 

Kristina has a positive vision of the future. The acquisition of e-man that took place last autumn has strengthened the company’s position as market leader in Sweden, but now there are also plans to establish the company in Denmark, Finland and Norway. 

- Our goals for 2017 are to be seen and heard, to assume the position that our fantastic personnel deserve, and to do whatever is needed to create added value for our customers.

Kristina is going to play a crucial role on that journey.

Name: Kristina Hagström-Ilievska
Age: 36
Position: Sales and Marketing Manager Enfo Integration
Lives: in Värmdö
Family: husband and a two-year-old son.
Motto: Naive optimist who searches for and believes in the positive side of human nature. 
Leisure interests: I exercise and travel as much as I can and I also like learning and doing new things.