Martin Olsson

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Martin Olsson

Martin Olsson works in Enfo Managed Services operations as a System Specialist.

Tell us about your career at Enfo!

I started as an intern on the service desk and was offered a permanent position. Now I’ve climbed up a rung to work as a system specialist. I think the service desk was a good route into the company in my case and on my particular journey. You get an excellent grounding and learn the basics of many of the systems we work with on a daily basis. My job is to help clients with their problems, and manage orders from senior IT managers who want to develop their businesses and make them more effective.

What was it about Enfo that you liked?

During my internship, I realised that the corporate culture here makes it a wonderful place to work – it’s cheerful and friendly. We devote all our energy to helping our clients in a passionate and genuine way, and we’re determined to solve the problems the clients are facing. We’re a closely knit team working every day to solve problems together. If someone in the team hits a wall, someone else will always come up with suggestions or ideas. We make good use of our team members’ combined expertise, throughout the entire organisation.

What makes Enfo different from other workplaces?

I think the level of trust you get here – from both clients and internally – is completely different from many other workplaces. This means you face new, exciting challenges on a daily basis and you’re given the chance to really get to grips with them. The great thing about Enfo is that even new employees are entrusted with solving difficult problems.

What are the career opportunities like at Enfo?

There are excellent career opportunities. We try to solve as many incidents as possible via the service desk, which makes it a great place to learn the basics and get an overall view within all systems. It would be difficult to find a more “hands-on” service desk, and so we’re far ahead of the rest in that respect. They’re good here at giving people the chance to develop and climb the career ladder and, once you’ve climbed up a rung, you’re given the chance to climb another.

Tell us about a project you’re particularly proud of.

We got the job of replacing 1,400 physical computers at about 400 offices all over Sweden in just six months. A tight timetable, as all the computers had to be prepared and installed in the same way. Three colleagues and I drove literally all over Sweden and we managed to stick to the tight timetable. We were a team that worked really well together and knew what we needed to do to get the job done. It was a wonderful feeling that gave me a great sense of satisfaction with myself and my colleagues.

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