Mikko Kontio

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Mikko Kontio

Development Unit Manager Mikko Kontio works in Enfo Managed Services business area.

Mikko, what has been the common theme during your versatile career?

- The common theme has probably been the usefulness of technology. I got to know commercialism and the business world when I still let other people do the coding. In those days I focused on how to use technology to create operable and useful solutions for business operations. In my current role, I get to work between technology and business. From a technology view point, we consider what would work but it is equally important to consider what is wanted.

How do you, as a Development Manager, view the future?

- I have a double role. I try to imagine the future and I am helping to build Enfo with acquisitions. My job is to find potential, cooperation partners and opportunities to create added value and to develop the operation. The other half of my role is very close to business, the present day and the customer. I am responsible for the software development for one of our business units. We also use Scrum for agile software development; we carry out our projects seamlessly with various interested parties. In order to keep up with the competition and to develop in the right direction, we must know the plans and challenges of our customers. As the real added value is created at the customer level, we must offer real added value and not some future hype which we are not ready for yet.

What is Enfo's agenda now its building the future?

- The importance of data is emphasised as the value of business. Ten years ago, I was clearing out databases in order to create more space. These days we are trying to find new ways of storing more and more of various types of data, instead. Utilizing data, i.e. analytics, possesses a huge amount of potential. 

We have concentrated on the know-how in this field when it comes to acquisitions, as well; just recently we bought Rongo to be part of Enfo. Rongo, which specialises in business Intelligence and analytics solutions, will bring us solid know-how on information management. When I started working here a few years ago, I noticed Enfo's strong goal to concentrate on intellectual information processing. The same agenda will continue in the future, as well.

What are the up-coming trends?

- Digitalisation and data utilization are key themes. Including information into electronic processing will increase information which means it can be used with monitoring, analytics, predictions and optimisation. There are many processes which we can do more effectively; it might even revolutionize process solutions. At best, we can create completely new business together with the client. There is plenty of room for development in the IT field and it is possible that in 10 years we no longer talk about data but about something completely different, for example improving the ability to learn.

How does Enfo face the challenges of the future?

- We want to encourage independence and courage to act. This atmosphere of development allows you to almost touch the good results when the manager starts the project. If you look away for a second, the development is running 100 metres ahead of you at full speed, ready for a giant leap.

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