Career Story August 04, 2017

Work with passionate colleagues at the forefront of digitalization

If you want to work somewhere that supports innovative thinking whilst pushing at the boundaries of the IT service industry, a role at Enfo could be for you.

Offering a wide range of services, including business solutions and managed IT services, there are many exciting roles at Enfo. We interviewed two Enfo employees, Annika and Tommi, to find out more about work at Enfo and what sets it apart from working at other IT firms. Annika and Tommi both agreed that they feel passionate about their work at Enfo. For Annika, it is the supportive and friendly colleagues that perhaps make the biggest difference and make Enfo an inspiring place to work.

“We have a great team. We have a great atmosphere and we have lot of fun together.”

You’ll feel this from day one at Enfo with the onboarding program that gives new-hires time every week with a sponsor to ask questions. Tommi finds work at Enfo inspiring because he has the opportunity to work with technologies that are changing our world. The impact of digitalization, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are becoming increasingly widespread. Because of this, Tommi feels that at Enfo, he can be part of the change.

Pushing toward new technologies means the projects at Enfo are exciting and make Tommi feel passionate about coming to work. Through these new technologies, he feels he can help to create completely new kinds of services and ways of working and ways of living. The application of inspiring new IT advancements often enables Tommi to get into the field and have a varied day-to-day work life, such as when he recently applied Enfo’s IT services to a dairy business. These new experiences and meeting new people have helped Tommi grow. “I’ve become richer as a person.” At the same time, Tommi can see the impact of his work as he brings new, transformative innovations to old industries, like the agricultural industry.

“It is interesting to see how the traditional industries can be helped with modern technology.”

Both Tommi and Annika enjoy the varied roles and projects they work on at Enfo. This not only means there is interesting variety in what they work on, but also that they have the creative freedom to grow their careers in the direction that excites them. “Enfo is a great place to find yourself professionally. You have a lot of power to affect your own future in the company, in how you want to evolve.” Says Annika. During her time at Enfo, Annika has worked on a variety of projects and has moved between roles as a business intelligence consultant and a project leader. Now she balances working at these two roles together and says she loves the opportunity to choose roles that inspire her.

A role at Enfo has a lot to offer. If you want to find out more, don’t hesitate – explore opportunities at Enfo today.