Career Stories December 08, 2016

Viktor Nordberg

Are you interested in a career in Business Intelligence? Victor Nordberg said yes to this question during the final stages of his studies.

Victor studied information systems at Åbo Akademi, his thesis subject was clear and he was already thinking about taking the next step in life. His thesis was about the value of personal information from the consumer’s viewpoint; the same topic interested the young man in terms of his future dream career. As a man of action, he decided to take hold of the reins and find out which companies are leading the way in data & analytics in Finland. Rongo was clearly number one, and Victor decided to send an open application. A couple of months later, an interesting opportunity opened up in his dream company. Rongo became part of Enfo as the result of a business acquisition and Victor got to work in a large Nordic team. 

The everyday life of a consultant

Victor works as junior consultant in Enfo’s Data & Analytics unit, which is part of the business planning & analytics team. He mainly works with the customers’ business planning systems and prepares reports using a range of technologies. Victor has already been involved in Anaplan development projects for Elisa, Oriola-KD and Posti, as well as pre sales. His work days typically fall into two categories: working with clients and working at the office. Working with the client can easily take all day and involves close collaboration with the client’s representatives. Work is done in accordance with the flexible agile model and prolonged if necessary. Collaboration makes it easy to refine data into useful formats. Days at the office involve more routine, such as Skype meetings, the creation of demos for clients, technological exercises and account management. Victor is outgoing and likes to work with clients, but variety keeps things interesting. 

The best parts of life

In Victor’s opinion, extremely skilled colleagues are the best part of working for Enfo. His skills and competencies are developing rapidly and the work is suitably challenging. He feels that he has been given responsibility from the word go and it has been rewarding to work with clients, which has hugely improved his practical skills. As Victor is fluent in both Finnish and Swedish, he viewed Nordic cooperation in Enfo as an interesting opportunity to make progress and develop in his role. 

In Victor’s opinion, work is not hugely different to studying. Working life involves more routines and you can’t stay in bed on a dark morning when a client is waiting at the office. However, Victor does not see himself as having entered the notorious rat race. On the other hand, the practical nature of the issues involved and the lack of ready-made solutions were the biggest surprise for the new employee. Development is a continuous frame of mind and you only start to learn in earnest when actually working.

Victor balances work with sport, and loves to wind down on the football pitch. In summer, when consultants are on holiday, it is great to forget about formal wear and pull on a pair of deck shoes. Nothing beats good company and a sailing trip. Except, perhaps, a perfectly executed customer project.

Victor’s checklist for new or soon-to-be graduates:

  • Try to complete your thesis before taking on a full-time job. Working life tends to take up all of your time.

  • You can never be fully qualified. Be bold and send applications to companies that really interest you. They may not be advertising positions, but if you know how to sell your skills they may hire you. 

  • It is smart to apply for positions before graduation. It is not easy, but do not let setbacks get you down. 

  • Don’t become stressed out, even if you have no experience in the field. Everything is useful when put in the right context and expressed in the correct way. For instance, to his surprise, Victor finds his experience as a cruise host useful. This experience gives him confidence and credibility during public speaking - vital qualities for every successful consultant.