the Digital Dimension

The Digital Dimension

The Digital Dimension

Simpler, smoother, smarter business in the Digital Dimension

Digitalization is the new gospel. The possibilities seem infinite. Salvation is near. But what should you really do with all these digital possibilities? There’s only one answer: use them to benefit your business today and prepare for doing business tomorrow. A good start is to look at Enfo’s model for how you can make it happen. 

It’s about moving IT to the heart of your business and meeting demands for increasingly faster development, both from within your organization and from outside: your customers and your customers’ customers. The challenge is how. Are you sure of the direction your company and business are heading? Or do you have a vague vision of something that’s never been done before? Envisioning something that hasn’t been seen yet is never easy. That’s why we’ve simplified the path forward into manageable steps, covering everything in a down-to-earth method.  



Iterative installation/Effective execution 

The IT infrastructure — the robust base — should always just work. This is an area where there are already established, reliable and effective solutions on the market. You have a clear idea of what you want your organization to achieve. Maybe you already have a good solution supporting your organization’s infrastructure, or maybe you need to start with creating the foundation. Regardless of where you are today, this is generally not where your business will evolve, but you need a predictable structure for that evolution to take place. . 

Iterative development/Exploratory testing 

Being agile means being able to immediately test new ideas that respond to your customers’ constantly changing demands and behaviors. 
This is about sprinting from the running block without even knowing if there’s a track to run on yet. Of course, the goal is not to “fail fast.” The goal is to succeed – and succeed fast. The way to get there is to take risks without risking everything. That’s what we mean by being agile in the Digital Dimension. 
This is where your business evolves and where you find that disruptive idea that turns everything on its head, creating new possibilities. In the Digital Dimension, it’s not a given that the biggest player wins. Instead, it’s often the fastest and most adaptable player that wins, finding the totally new niche that nobody thought of. Of course, there’s nothing that says big players can’t be fast, too. 

The complete picture in four customer solutions

Get in touch if you’d like to climb into or further develop the Digital Dimension for your business. We see the whole picture, from your business needs, goals and visions, to how you and your organization can realize strategies from a digital perspective. Browse through the customer solutions below for a glimpse of how we cover every aspect of the simple, down-to-earth model.

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