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Mastering complexity

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We enable data-driven business


Did you know that nearly all of the world’s data is new? The amount of data is growing exponentially, and in this increasingly complex environment, bringing data together is paramount. This is where we come in.

We are a Nordic IT services company enabling our customers’ data-driven business transformation. With our niche expertise in hybrid platforms, information management and applications, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations. As a data integrator looking to lead the way, Enfo is transforming the way data is managed, refined, analyzed and used in ecosystems. And this is where the magic happens - bringing data together provides long-term business value. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive cross-platform expertise and have steadfast confidence in the cloud. We both build and run digital solutions, supporting our customers with genuine care in mastering complexity.

This is our craft, the apple of our eye, and the topic we could talk about for hours on end (and we dare you to get us started). We are more than 800 experts working for a more sustainable and intelligent world where technology empowers people, businesses, and societies and accelerates their progress.

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What matters to us

Our values

We believe in respecting each other and working together. We care for our community and we collaborate with each other, our customers and in the broader ecosystems. At the core of our culture is having fun at work, sharing our thoughts and ideas with the people around us and we take ownership to do so.
We believe in accountability and in taking responsibility. We care for our customers, colleagues and our community in the long term, and we always, always keep the promise. We are open and believe that sharing and embracing diversity makes us stronger. We believe that work is only one part of life – that’s why we invest in work and personal life balance and in the freedom to work flexible.
We value a brave attitude, a curious mindset and courage to think beyond tomorrow while taking responsibility for today. Interesting challenges keep us developing and give us opportunities to grow. When something in our community is broken we fix it, or raise it to common knowledge so that it can be fixed.
Continuous development
We are niche experts working with ambition and in close cooperation with other experts, focusing on value creation and efficiency. We are empowered to find the best solutions for our customers.
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