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3 tips for creating a good work life balance

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Enfo’s Talent Acquisition Manager Matilda Krantz reveals her secrets for a good work-life balance. Like many other professionals in a diverse role, Matilda also has a lot on her hands. She has significant responsibility in taking care of recruitment in our four offices: Stockholm, Västerås, Norrköping and Örebro. Even with recent cheerful but time-consuming changes in her life, Matilda has managed to build herself a functional work-life balance. We spoke to Matilda about how she copes with work-life balance in her hectic role. She explained to us what work-life balance means to her and shared with us her three useful tips for day-to-day use.

What does work-life balance mean to you, Matilda?

"Work-life balance for me is about making the job a part of your life, but not your whole life. If you can plan your job hours in a way that suits your lifestyle, you will be more efficient, and you will enjoy work more," summarizes Matilda. 

As employees who are motivated, eager to develop and learn new skills, it is sometimes a bit difficult to find the right balance between work and leisure. In the best case scenario, your workplace is committed to supporting you as your needs change throughout your life and career. That’s how Matilda also feels about work-life balance.

At Enfo, one of the supporting elements is the flexibility to organize one’s working time pretty well. Matilda, for example, appreciates the possibility to occasionally run errands during the day or be able to go to the gym when the rest of the Stockholm doesn’t. As a recruiter, she can arrange to make longer phone calls with candidates from home or work at a cozy café instead.

However, in the beginning, she thought work-life balance sounded a bit too good to be true:

"First time I heard about Enfo’s attitude towards work-life balance was during my hiring process. To be honest, I took it with a pinch of salt. It felt like something you sometimes say in an interview, but in reality, it doesn’t make that big of a difference."

Matilda soon realized she was mistaken.

"The atmosphere at our offices is relaxed and joyful. I don’t believe a culture where you must sit at your desk from 8 to 5 is the modern way of work. Flexibility is the way to go. Both ways. I believe it opens up for creativity and makes happier employees." 

How does your work–life balance show in everyday life?

There has been a massive but cheerful change in Matilda’s life quite recently. When she discovered how flexible her work hours at Enfo could be, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of getting a puppy!

"I would never have been able to do this by myself if I didn’t have such a flexible workplace as I now have. For me that is an extreme luxury and makes me very happy!”

Matilda’s dog Malla has been taking care of our employees’ mental health offering puppy therapy at the Stockholm office.

"Malla has become somewhat of a little office mascot here!" 




Matilda’s work-life balance includes well-being at work

Enfo Wellness Club offers activities and get togethers for our employees. Matilda promotes the activities organized by her colleagues.

"In a company size of Enfo, nearly 1000 employees in many locations, you have to make an effort to getting together with colleagues. The Enfo Wellness Club is a great way to catch up during our busy work."

Matilda recommends to take part in the afterworks and weekly breakfasts, because those offer a great way to get to know colleagues and try out new things together.


Matilda’s 3 tips for better work-life balance and well-being at work

1.    Talking while walking

If you don’t need your computer during the meeting, take the meeting outside. You will be surprised how efficient walk meetings can be and how alert you will be. It’s also a great way to catch some daylight.

2.    Respecting one’s private time after work

If you like to send off some emails the last thing before bedtime, make sure to inform your colleagues that you don’t expect answers outside of working hours to prevent contributing to an unhealthy working environment.

3.    Focusing on the now

When you need to leave earlier and plan to catch up on work later that evening, make sure you set aside a specific time instead of trying to be working while doing the thing you left the job for. 

For example, if you leave work to go to the gym before the 5 pm rush, let yourself focus on the workout. It’s easy to try to multitask by answering your emails in between reps, but at the end of the day — delivery is increased by focus and flow, and this method helps me a lot with that.

The Enfo Wellness Club is a great way to catch up during our busy work.


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