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5 companies that have succeeded in digitalizing an existing product

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Digital solutions are all about creating a relationship with your customers. A relationship that you have to earn by supplying value. Tricky, huh? Here are five companies to inspire you!


Digital solutions are simply a means of creating good customer relations. There is no intrinsic value in having a digital solution. In theory, it might even be better to maintain customer relations on a purely analogue basis (if you had staff available everywhere at all times to assist your customers). The only way this is possible is through digital technology, which is why it is so revolutionary and, in the long-run, necessary in order to remain competitive.

Creating a digital service is like anything else, easier said than done. So, for those looking for a little inspiration, here are five examples of smart companies who have succeeded.  

The KRY app

Pharmacy chain that helps customers with everything from online doctor appointments to purchasing drugs  

Instead of queuing at the local health center or hospital, you can simply book an appointment for an online video consultation with a doctor. It is worth bearing in mind that the company that owns KRY is a pharmacy chain. So, this is also a strategy for increasing their sales of pharmaceuticals. Traditionally, one would visit the doctor who would then write a prescription for drugs that you would then buy. Previously in Sweden, there was no link between doctors and pharmacies – as it is an open market. So, what KRY has done is to create a shortcut to the customer and, of course, they will deliver drugs from their own chain of pharmacies. Smart!


An automatic dog bowl in a closed ecosystem  

A technical solution in the form of a gadget that automatically dispenses food to your dog. You can set the timer yourself so that your dog gets the right amount of food at the right time. A method for simplifying daily life for dog owners. Poppy now also sends notifications when food is about to run out and it’s time to reorder. When that time comes, they recommend their own products. They have identified a way to use a new digital contact area to create an altered business model that generates continuous income at a healthy margin, even after the sale of the original product.

Remember, your products are windows to your customers. The possibilities for achieving good things are endless.


Niklas Thulin

Author's title

Digital Evangelist 


Domino’s Pizza

Among the first to introduce online pizza and digital relationships

The major restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza was quick to identify a new method of raising the customer experience in their industry through digital methods. How? By making it possible to order pizza online. The service even remembers your previous order, as well as your location when you placed it. If you also tweeted Domino’s Pizza and added an icon of a pizza slice, you received a free pizza. In 2007, rocket science – today, standard operating procedure. 

Amazon Dash Button with Tide

A button on your washing machine to simplify ordering washing powder – from Amazon

Amazon invented this physical button for washing machines that reorders washing powder with a single click. Extremely user-friendly, as many of us are prone to forgetting to buy washing powder when the old packet runs out. It also leads customers to buy from Amazon, time and time again. In this way, a long-term customer relationship is formed and, eventually, owned. The fact that Amazon is able to press their wholesale price by offering exclusivity to one brand reduces their costs and increases sales in one fell swoop! Well-thought-out and smart!

Lynk & CoLync Co

A new ecosystem demanded a new make of car

Geely, owner of Volvo Cars, created the new brand Lynk & Co in order to rapidly alter their vehicle offer. Why? Well, in order to compete for the same customers as Tesla. A customer journey that is entirely predicated on digital customer relations. Traditionally, the vehicle industry has consisted of a network of dealerships where customers could go to test drive, buy and service their car. What Lynk & Co has done – just like Tesla – is to wipe the dealer from the map. They have established ONE global price for their cars and in one stroke done away with the need for hundreds of employers around the globe setting prices for individual markets. 


Niklas Thulin, Digital Evangelist