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Aaron's job is to secure your company data

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This is Aaron Wicker. He is responsible for one of Enfo’s most important departments so far – the Global Security Operations Center (G-SOC). What makes Aaron unique for Enfo is his desire to take Enfo’s IT security solutions to the next level.

”The biggest challenge companies face today is securing their critical IT business assets. A modern company needs to be proactive - not reactive when it comes to security. The G-SOC creates enormous value for our customers,” says Aaron.  

Aaron’s story at Enfo is heartwarming, because it tells so much about our culture. We hired him in January 2018 as a senior security consultant. He brought with him an impressive 10 years of IT Security experience from within the US public sector.  What happened next is the key in Aaron’s story.

The metrics don’t lie

Aaron took onto his role and started meeting our customers. He observed, listened and started to connect the dots between what the customer’s IT Security requirements were. It became obvious, our customers needed a SOC as a Service solution.

The next step was for Aaron and the team to take the initiative in researching and developing the SOC.  With the support of Senior Management, the result is what we now know today as the Global Security Operations Center (G-SOC). The G-SOC’s mission is to continuously monitor and improve our customers security posture within On-Prem, Hybrid and cloud environments all while preventing, mitigating, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber threats. 

"I don’t want to use scare tactics in convincing CEOs and board members to invest in cyber security - but the facts, statistics and metrics don’t lie,” says Aaron.



Aaron Wicker

It’s not a matter of if you are going to be attacked. It's a matter of when.



Aaron Wicker

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Manager at Global Security Operations Center


Fast forward to autumn, 2018. Aaron and the G-SOC Team are actively developing the processes and procedures for the security operations. This is a hand-picked team with over 30 years combined experience both in the public and private sectors.  The experience the G-SOC Team brings to the table coupled with the different competencies adds a much-needed value to any customer Enfo provides services to.

“We expect rapid growth in the G-SOC Team by this time next year as Enfo’s Cloud Care services are launched”, Aaron envisions. 

"That syncs up well with our CEO:s vision with a G-SOC-team tied to all of our Cloud Care services. The security aspect is a big part of Cloud,” Aaron continues. 

Moving to the cloud - the safest alternative

Enfo is now able to change the stigma that moving to the cloud is not secure. According to Aaron it’s actually the opposite. Migrating to the cloud will in fact make it easier to secure company data. The G-SOC-team will be able to correlate and analyze all security related events and log data across the ever-changing threat landscapes while responding to incidents in real time. Security through automation and orchestration! 

"If we can reach out and show companies how we secure their data, the Global Security Operations Center will be a stepping stone into the cloud for our customers. If one of our clients is attacked, and we’re continuously monitoring all cloud environments from our G-SOC - we’re able to respond, contain and eliminate any threat in a very proactive way.  Protecting not only the integrity of the customer’s data but their reputation as well” Aaron says proudly.