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Application modernization: The how and the why

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Most businesses are aware of their pains and sometimes even what triggers them.  Often they learn to live with these pain points, developing workarounds to keep the lights on.  But there is another way - one that can mitigate risks and provide scope for innovation and new business models.

Why should I modernize? Where’s the value?

As with all things around us, change impacts the applications we use as well. Systems, frameworks, methodologies, people!  Everything is changing, all the time. In order to stay current and relevant in terms of your customers expectations you need to be able to respond to this change, fast and in an agile fashion. By taking advantage of the possibilities provided by public cloud, modernizing your applications will enable agility and velocity in your product development work.

On top of this, one could say, external value creation, directly visible in your products: application modernization using public cloud technologies is often a game changer for a company's ability to maintain products moving forward.  Adopting best practices widely used across industries, suddenly the pool of talent able to continue development and maintain your products expands enormously.


How do I modernize?

As with many things, there are multiple paths to choose from when approaching this topic too.  The reasons for one vs another will be different for every business and every application but the following are some common strategies:



Depending on the drivers behind the project, rehosting an application to the cloud may be the chosen approach.
This path has a quick cloud ROI, can reduce CAPEX and free data centre space on-prem.



Refactoring an application to take better advantage of public cloud services facilitates better usage of public cloud services (resources, cost, speed), code portability and a faster development cadence with small iterations.



Break apart your application into cloud services to achieve almost endless scalability and agility.  Also provides the prerequisites for a multi cloud architecture.


Rebuild or build from scratch

Going “cloud native” allows you to take full advantage of all that public cloud has to offer. Get ready for faster development cycles, accelerated innovation and reduced TCO.  It also means that you can focus more of your time and effort on what matters most: your products and your customers and less on the infrastructure that underpins them.


Where should I start?

Understanding your triggers, your pain points and the opportunities they represent is the first step on your journey towards modernized applications.  Assessing what you currently have informs where your applications fit in your long-term digital strategy.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us to guide you through the process of identifying triggers, assessing opportunities and planning your way forward in a manner that suits your strategy. You can also book a two-hour free of charge workshop to help pinpoint pain points and opportunities: 

Tom Lehane
Manager Region West, Cloud AppDev