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Are you an integration hero?

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At Enfo Integration, it is just all about Integration. We believe that Integration is the core, the foundation to digitalization – the future.

And what would we be if we wouldn't praise and celebrate those who mean the world to us. All the Integration Heroes out there, dedicating their time making sure that the correct information reaches the correct place in a timely manner. In the end, this makes all the difference. What makes the impossible possible. Enables you to follow your Uber on the map or see which vacation homes are available on Airbnb.

Once again we are awarding INTEGRATION HEROES in the Nordics and we call them CHIEF INTEGRATION OFFICERS. You might not hold the title but you are the heroes to us.

The nomination is open to the public so nominate your most appreciable CIO today.

Let the best (wo)man win!

Last year’s winner was John Folkesson, Head of Integration at Nordic Choice Hotels with the following justification:

”John started the integration journey at Nordic Choice Hotels almost three years ago. During this time integration has really changed, from being on-prem to Hybrid to cloud. John has been extremely fast and being able to adapt his integration strategy after both what the business requires and meet there needs but also adapt after where the integration market is heading.”