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The champions of tomorrow are data-driven

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Seppo Kuula


The digital era is forcing us to run fast, but I prefer to run smart. How? By focusing on the key value creator: data.


In today’s business, data is what really matters. According to IBM, 90% of the digital data in the world was created during the past two years. That is amazing! The amount of data is not only growing exponentially, but the sources become fragmented at the same time. In this increasingly complex environment we need companies capable of managing data streams, refining, analyzing and using data wisely for business benefits. And it is not the strongest that survive, but the ones who are smart and responsive to change.

In order to be able to run smart and be futureproof you need to bring it all together and it starts and ends with the use of data – your best friend. 

How do you use data in the best possible way? How do you maximize the business value by creating a credible baseline and enabling iterative development? There might be many creative solutions for this, but I would say that integration is the key to sustainability. The digital journey we are all on is forcing us to push boundaries in order to be frontrunners. You want to create amazing digital solutions that your customers love to use and where your ecosystem is connected. Great – just do it! But you also have the legacy systems providing you the data. This is your Yin and Yang, you need them both and you want them to be synchronized. And this is where information management plays a key role. The magic happens in the layer between digital solutions and legacy systems. By bringing it all together in a smart way you will not only drive the ecosystem, but transform it. 

Integration in the cloud is an exciting area. The technology is there and has been so for a long time. But with technology comes complexity. How do we master complexity? How do we use this huge amount of data to create a more intelligent business? By putting the pieces together, refining, supporting, and using them well. This is my passion and motivator. This is why I love data and the value it can create. My aim is to enable our organization as well as our customers to be fully data-driven and to use integration in the cloud as a tool for bringing out the business value. 

I love creating business value and that is the main reason for our strong focus on data and digital cloud solutions. I know from experience that many organizations have developed discreet solutions and are struggling with seeing the real benefits, and that is not good enough for me. I know that we have the capability to help our existing and future customers to grow their business, using the cross-data platforms from legacy through hybrid to public cloud, seamlessly. And we will do so. We will create magic together. We master complexity and make sure that our customers’ journey is smart, and all the way supported.

And I believe that this data-driven transformation we enable also will enhance a more intelligent Nordics, with technology empowering not only businesses, but people and societies alike. Mobile convergence began from the Nordics, and so does data convergence. 

Let’s bring it all together and co-create!

Seppo Kuula, CEO Enfo

 Integration is the key to sustainability. 


Seppo Kuula