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Returning Enfonians

Coming back to Enfo: it's not a farewell, it’s a “see you soon”

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In a changing world, everyone should be able to evolve. Enfo encourages its employees to find their own path for growth. Sometimes this means exploring career options elsewhere. Rather than saying goodbye, Enfo welcomes its employees back with open arms. Louise Hardne, Nawras Yanes and Marko Nieminen know this by experience: all of them have left, and then returned to Enfo.

For Louise, coming back was about seizing an interesting career opportunity. Before leaving Enfo, Louise had held various positions within Enfo’s marketing department, most recently as a digital analyst. Today, she works with sales and business development, focusing on Enfo’s Salesforce offerings, where she helps customers get the most out of their CRM solution. It was precisely Enfo’s new Salesforce consultancy practice that drew her back: she wanted to be a part of that journey.

For Nawras and Marko, the main factor for returning was the atmosphere at Enfo. Nawras left a consultant and Microsoft Azure specialist position at Enfo’s Örebro office and came back to work as an Azure integration developer in Stockholm. He was attracted by Enfo’s strong focus on communication, involvement and team spirit building: he feels this is especially important during the difficult times we all live in with the corona pandemic and working from home. Marko’s previous position at Enfo was key account manager, and his new role upon returning to Enfo is senior sales manager. “Enfo is simply a great place to work and I knew where I was coming, so it was an easy choice for me,” he says.

Enfo is simply a great place to work and I knew where I was coming, so it was an easy choice for me.


Marko Nieminen

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senior sales manager


Teamwork and support

During their experience outside Enfo, these returning Enfonians missed their exciting customers and skilled colleagues. “Enfo has great workplace cohesion with collaboration and helping hands,” Louise says. “We have easy-going teamworking without too much bureaucracy,” Marko adds.

Nawras points out that he really missed celebrations with his colleagues: they used to celebrate both ups and downs together, even their own mistakes as learning opportunities. This created a mistake-friendly workplace. “Working in such an environment makes it easy to develop on a professional level.”

One of the great advantages of working at Enfo is the support for personal and professional growth. Marko feels that the employees are considered the most valuable asset for Enfo’s business and that shows in everything. “It’s an on-going process and I feel it every day,” Nawras confirms. “Enfo lets you test your wings and takes care of its employees,” adds Louise.

Growing together at Enfo

On their return to Enfo, Louise, Nawras and Marko discovered that the company had evolved, too. “Enfo has done a great job expanding its business application services with Salesforce and SAP expertise,” says Louise. “Enfo’s range of services has broadened and is even stronger with increased support around cloud development and data management. The cybersecurity expertise is also impressively strong,” Marko adds.

Luckily, some other aspects had not changed. The helpful atmosphere and the positive energy were still here. Returning to familiar procedures was easy.

As Marko puts it: “I think it’s an overall good feeling. Every employer has pros and cons but at the end of the day, you should be happy working for your company and it should feel like home. That’s how I feel at Enfo.”

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Image: Louise Hardne, Nawras Yanes and Marko Nieminen

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