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Data Warehouse Automation Rank 2019

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When fishing in the pond of Data Warehouse (DW) Automation, there is plenty of fish to find. But some are just tastier than others. And at the other end, you might think you aim for a can of anchovies but realize that it was a can of worms.

How can one tell the difference? This blog will give you a run-down of the most popular DW Automation tools in the Nordic market and some runners-up.
This rank rewards applications that work well in actual real-world scenarios. It does not automatically give a high score to a tool just because it has a long list of features. 
Please note that I prefer open-ended solutions over black-box solutions. But if you fancy a black-box solution where you will forever and ever be at the mercy of your suppliers’ whims and have a core strategic process being hijacked, sure, please go ahead….
The DW Automation tool vendors reviewed were the following:




The 10th contender is Enfos’ own automation tool ADA (Analytics Development Accelerator). Each vendor has been contacted for a Q&A and demonstration session, resulting in the score below.

Let’s begin with the top 5 list, shall we?




What is the Tweak score? That is a functionality that is not supported out of the box, but can be achieved in the tool with a workaround or adaptation - a tweak. Obviously, the Base Score is out-of-box-functionality. And the total is self-explanatory.
Why is tweaking important? There is not a single tool that can handle ANY type of customer and ANY technical requirement. At best, a tool can handle 80% of the requirements 80% of the time. This means that a tool without flexibility will soon be either outdated or not used to its full potential since you "always" need to build additional functionality outside the tool. 

Interesting, is it not?!

First, I’d like to emphasize that none of the tools in the top 5 is a black-box solution. Secondly, outside the top 5, most tools scored in the 20-point range. But enough about that, let’s look at the leader!

BIMLFlex is at the top, its core strength is its flexibility to adapt and cater to most needs and intentionally have less functionality out-of-the-box, which also shows in the tweak score. Enfo ADA is at number 2. And a solid tool such as WhereScape is at number 4. 
Erwin DI is the number 5 tool and is based on the acquisition of AnalytixDS. Erwin DI is a great end-to-end data platform, the only one in the top that also includes governance, data quality and more. The product suite is huge and has a visual overhaul to get as slick as the competition. 
Would it be safe to always pick any one of these five great options? The answer requires a look into the details, both regarding the evaluation process and the functionality offered. Please refer to our FULL GUIDE for all the details!

Core Data Warehouse Automation vs. End-to-end platform

A core DW Automation tool has three basic capabilities;
1.    Connecting to a data source
2.    Connecting to a data target
3.    Creating automated data flows between the two

And that’s it. 

At the other end of the spectrum, a full-end-to-end platform also adds things like governance, visualizations, change management, job monitoring, data quality and more. But do you actually NEED all those extra bells and whistles, or do already have other applications in place to handle them?

Coolest of them all

Even though I really, really (REALLY) dislike black-box-solutions, Birst is by far the coolest in the bunch. It does indeed implement a full end-to-end platform as an SaaS; from ingestion to reporting. It needs to include full lineage, job scheduling, logging and a maintenance portal. But. Be. Black. Box.


The final verdict

It depends. Really. 
Are you a pure Microsoft-shop and need a core DW Automation-application? Then don’t fork out cash on unnecessary governance or connectivity for Erwin DI or WhereScape, get BIMLFlex. Need AWS or Teradata? Then go for WhereScape! Want an SaaS solution? Then Enfos ADA or Ajilius is the one to choose. 

Are you primarily in search of a governance platform that also does automation? Then Erwin DI is the tool for the job.

Need help selecting the tool that is right for you? Or would you like to get a demo of ADA, Attunity,  WhereScape or any of the other top 5 tools? Then contact us at Enfo. 



Magnus Hagdahl is a principal consultant at Enfo