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Do you want to disrupt or be disrupted?

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Do you feel that the business wants more than the IT organization can manage to provide? Do you feel that your organization is siloed? Do you know that the Business and IT should work closer, but they don’t? Do you feel like you are working blindfolded due to lack of strategy and defined roadmap for your digital journey? Do you feel that your competitors reach your customers before you? Well you are not alone.


It is a fact that IT-budgets are kept the same or in worst case getting smaller, at the same time as the demand for information by the business is constantly raised and at an ever-increasing pace. It is a fact, if IT is not able to provide what the business wants, business will turn elsewhere, and you will end up with divergent solutions. It is a fact if your company does not provide what your customers and consumers want someone else will and your company will lose market shares. 

What is the solution for this, is there a solution? Well yes and no, the solution is not an IT solution, meaning it’s not in a product, or in a system.  We believe the solution is in the way you work, the culture you create, the IT solutions are only there to support. IT should not be the means of business but the means to do business. 

We want to state that Digitalization is a verb and that the Cloud is not a place, instead both are ways of working.  Digitalization is not something that just happens, and it’s not a destination. Digitalization is something you need to plan and work hard to achieve, continuously.  Let's stop talking about Digitalization as a technology shift, and instead see it as a total change in ways of working.  

One major vehicle in the way we work is to open up our data to the people and machines that needs it and when they need it. 

The starting point to achieve this today, is by using modern API’s.  

The best practice when working with API’s is to use an outside in perspective, meaning you create the API’s that deliver the information your consumers are demanding, and you create them in a way that drives reusability, lowering the burden on your resources time and budgets. This is what we call API-Led approach.  

At the end of the day your company needs to be part of the global API ecosystem, and your API’s needs to drive business success, not forgetting that your API’s are as useful to support your external consumers as your internal business. 

Why are API’s the best way? 
  • API’s represents your core information entities and are valuable products and should be treated as that. 
  • With API’s you can use the outside in perspective thus begin with what the consumer needs. 
  • API’s are your innovation vehicle to ensure that the business can try new ideas in a faster pace, with less effort and cost. 
  • Working API-Led will ensure that you work in a way with reusability focus 
The recipe to becoming a disruptor and leader of your business: 
  • Make the needed structure changes required for success.  
  •  Enable use of data cross work processes and operations 
  • Create a Digital ecosystem mindset with data sharing between partners and third parties 
Build an information ecosystem:
  • Begin with the end in mind and define the roadmap  
  • Facilitate Data Capitalization across your business and with Ecosystem partners 
Embrace micro-revolutions:
  • Focus on small, quick project that deliver positive business outcomes adhering to the overall digital roadmap 
  • Enable quick investments and trials in emerging technologies, example API’s 
  • Create a balance scorecard that combines standard and new metrics for Digital Transformation Success 

Kristina Lid, Baseline Manager, Enfo 

Giacomo Bastreri, Solution Sales, Enfo