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Empty, tired, happy and full of energy - Integration Days are over!

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After spending 9 months of planning, dreaming and putting Integration Days in place I my feelings are a tremendous mixture of emotions. 

As the dopamine junkie I am, the completion gives me a dopamine dose bigger than ever. At the same time the emptiness is enormous, what should I do now, it is over no expectation left. The last couple of weeks I have together with Dorotea eaten, slept, dreamt Integration Days day and night.

On the other side meeting you all, our customers, partners, colleagues, competitors and sponsors all with the same compassion for integration and digitalization has filled me with both happiness and energy.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the event as much as I have and that you will give us lots of useful feed-back in the survey we just sent out. From the responses received we have received the astonishing result that 98% would recommend the event to a colleague! Giving us your feed-back in what we can do better or different, will help us make an even better event next year. 

For you that missed Integration Days there is a possibility to see recordings from the sessions that were given in the large conference hall. Within short the link will be available on the event page. 

The presentations from the breakout sessions and some of the key-notes can also be found at the event link

I hope that all of you that spoke at Integration Days has your gift card by placing micro loan at If you forget it will sponsor which also is a good cause but I believe micro loans are better.

Time flies and soon it is time for Integration Days 2019, looking forward to see you there!

Kristina Lid works as a Baseline manager at Enfo