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Enfo at Integrate 2019

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Three days full of almost 500 integration experts and one unicorn! Enfo’s Integration Architect Jimmy Hjelte blogs about the latest in Logic Apps, API management and more.


Enfo was at Integrate 2019, organized by Kovai in London, with a strong team to listen, learn and interact with the Microsoft people behind the services and products and some of the famous names in the MS integration space.

This was my first time at Integrate, even though I have worked in the field for 10+ years now. Below are some of my takeaways from this year’s event.

Logic Apps take steps forward

  • Azure Integration Service Environment (ISE) is coming strong. It can be described as a private cloud with dedicated resources and private network within Azure. Ramak Robinson from H&M presented utilizing ISE to process more than 2 million messages per day in their own private VNET directly connected to on prem.
  • A new version of Biztalk will be released during Q3 this year. Better use of tracking data with connections to event hubs, in addition to other improvements for hybrid integration, such as Logic App connector and orchestrations endpoints published in API management. 
  • Samuel Kastberg from Microsoft showed us how PowerShell can be used to install and configure Biztalk in a repeatable and reliable way that gives us control over the configuration. Be aware though that a solid documentation is still needed.   
  • Logic App now has support for inline code, JavaScript is supported from the start and support for PowerShell and C# coming soon. Another useful feature is event filtering that allows you to filter based on almost anything in the incoming message before the execution of your Logic App. Logic App can now be found in 29 regions and 10 more are on the way. So truly global with over 4 billion actions running every day.
  • If you have an IBM environment there is a new connector in Logic App that allows you to capture data over TN3270. It requires an Integration Account for the transformation and makes it easy to integrate with your legacy systems. 


Lutfi Candemir


Unlearn the old and embrace the new

During Integrate 2019 the new Azure API Management Portal was also presented and will soon be released. Running an API Gateway on prem? Yes, now you can run your own self-hosted API Gateway in a docker container. Another takeaway was also that both API management and Logic Apps demos were made in VS Code with new and improved extensions that really show the power of VS Code.

We also enjoyed good talks around productivity, security and design patterns, as well as how new services impact the way we integrate. Time to unlearn the old and embrace the new. 

It’s also worth highlighting that having CI/CD from the start is crucial to keeping up with change. A cloud platform is always changing and what is classed as a good service today might be surpassed by a better and more cost-effective solution tomorrow.

Moreover, Michael Stephenson (Microsoft MVP) showed us how he used all serverless components in Azure to expand his Shopify-based store. A good hands-on presentation on how functionality can be added with webhooks to provide a real business advantage.

I leave you with the image of our own unicorn winner, and if you like to get one like it, visit


Image: Enfo's Lutfi Candemir at Integrate 2019