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Enfo on stage at Mulesoft Connect in San Jose, US

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Mulesoft Connect is over for this year and as always, attending an event gives me time to reflect, to network as well as building up energy and fresh competence.

What are my major takeaways from the event?

A very special takeaway is that on Tuesday evening Mulesoft Community Manager Sabrina Marchal held a panel discussion with six MuleSoft Meet-up Leaders which one was Enfo Integration MuleSoft Tech Lead Ana Chiritescu. It was very interesting to hear their experience from their respective MuleSoft Meet-ups, but the most exiting was that the first MuleSoft Ambassadors where announced and Ana was one of them! Furthermore she was the only one outside the US. I am very proud to belong to the same team as her.

Wednesday the real event was kicked off by Mulesoft CEO: Greg Schott, Founder: Ross Mason and CTO: Uri Sarid. Together they set the scene ensuring that the expectations where set and ready to be fulfilled. To ensure that no elephant would exist in the room, Mark Benioff of Saleforce and Greg Schott had a “fireside chat” discussing around Salesforce acquisition of MuleSoft. I was pleased to hear that both companies will continue to exist as an own company and that we all will benefit of the synergies and thus MuleSoft will be able to provide better service to their customers and partners.
Now with the right mindset, it was only for me to throw myself on to the different break-out sessions. I left the more technical sessions to my colleagues and concentrated on customer stories and different strategy sessions. 

The vision of building an application network is not a vision but is a sensible path to go.


Kristina Lid

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head of Mulesoft Integration at Enfo


What I noticed was that the customer stories which were told on the different sessions, where very alike, although different challenges and in different businesses areas. The digital journey to meet your customer demands with API’s is quite similar. API’s are not a silver bullet which will easily solve all your problems and give you a paved path to success, but will make the going easier. Building an API Architecture will still take a great amount of work but if you use a structured approach, to meet your customers’ requirements by a design driven method you will lower the effort considerably.  I would like to mention just a few examples as for instance Lucy Meyo from Hertz, Christopher Taylor, Airbus, Stuart Bremner iCare and Tylor Tanaka from Pilot Flying J, they have all begun and come quite a way in unlocking their information from their legacy system and providing it to their consumers in a re-usable way through API’s. 

What pleased me the most is that the stories they told is the exact way which we at Enfo work, to help our customers, with their digital journey. Their stories proved that using API-Led connectivity with an outside in approach and enabling consumers to self-serve is not paper tiger; it works. The vision of building an application network is not a vision but is a sensible path to go.
Thursday morning we could all sense the tide of history when Sir Tim Berners Lee entered the stage. The inventor of the World Wide Web gave us some insight in the history and his talk was concluded by a Q&A session between him and Uri Sarid, very memorable.

Last but not least I want to mention the announcement of the new major release of AnyPoint Platform: Titan. My expectation of the release is huge, it seems to add functionality to AnyPoint Platform making a fantastic platform even better. I cannot wait until we will be able to work with this version, to assist our customers to get an even better API experience. READ MORE 

Please join me at Mule Summit in Stockholm the 17th of May at Hotel Scandic Continental where together we can learn more how with the help of Anypoint Platform we can make your digital journey a success.

Kristina Lid is head of Mulesoft Integration at Enfo