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The future of the integration bus

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During IBM Think 2018 in Las Vegas in mid-march IBM announced a new version of IBM Integration Bus (IIB) would be released shortly and Enfo’s two IBM Champions were there for the announcement.

The best ESB is taking a step into the future! IBM has made so many changes that it thought it was not only time for a new major version, but a name change. From now on IIB 11 is called App Connect Enterprise 11, or ACE for short.

Cloud enabled

With ACE you can run your integrations on-premise or just drag and drop the same deployment package to the IBM Cloud. A new connector allows for easy integration between your on-premise integrations and the cloud. You can even eschew the on-premise installation and run everything in the IBM Cloud.

Citizen integration

There is a new way of developing integrations. A web interface where simpler integrations can be created. But the best news for citizen integrators is that App Connect which is an easy and quick way of creating citizen integrations can now be powered up by special components that your companies integration developers can provide so that they can get access to any data easily.


The IIB has long been seen as the best ESB by many experts, but its price model was falling behind. For instance devops-teams couldn’t use it as a microservice, for that one or two integrations they needed. With ACE, that is now possible. The new pricing modell allows for paying for what you use based on “cpu-hours”. There are also improvements to the architecture, that allows for smaller installations.


With improved Kubernetes support you no longer have to use the built in high availability function, but can use the industry standard instead. While docker support has been there for a while, IBM has made several improvements. As a deployment no longer makes changes inside of the ACE your containers are refreshed to its first state everytime you restart them. This means an even more stable product than before. 

Deployment speed

ACE no longer “compiles” code after a deploy. What you deploy is what you run and this has speed up the deployments by up to several minutes. It also possible to perform deployments while the ACE server is turned off.

Enfo will start to contact its existing IIB customers to talk about ACE and the future of integration.


Salih Serdenak works as a consultant at Enfo