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Integrate 2018 London

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Ten experts from Enfo Sweden took part in Integrate 2018 for three very informative days.

Day one was a whole deal about Logic apps. Kevin Lam and Derek Li from Microsoft held an introduction session on Logic apps, and in the afternoon, Enterprise Integration another one on using them. The day ended with an introduction to Microsoft Flow, which was new to me. A very useful tool for building small POC:s in, and if you familiar with Logic Apps, it’s the same interface so it’s easy to get started. Michael Stephenson’s lecture on Wednesday, June 6, where he showed us how he had automated a boring administrative task with Microsoft Flow, was proving my thoughts and very entertaining. Michael had actually built the task in MineCraft and had a whole office there to play in.

There were several interesting talks that gave me a deeper understanding of how the components in Azure work under the hood and how they are meant to function together, as well as best and worst practices.

At the end of the first day there was an unannounced award ceremony where Enfo received the prize of Partner of the Year. We were taken by surprise, but it gave us a good reason to celebrate in the evening.

Another area that gave me something to bring home was how the Biztalk Server has a place in the future interacting with logic app and API manager. Very good and hands-on examples were given by Stephen W. Thomas, who talked about using the BizTalk Server as your foundation to the cloud.

My favorite part of the conference (if I have to choose one) was the Logic Apps Deep Dive with Matt Farmer and Kevin Lam where I learned about building custom connectors and the component architecture in Logic Apps.

Another great thing about the conference was all the networking with everyone interested in integration gathered in one place. It was time well spent, and I hope to return. If you work with Microsoft Integration products and only have the time to visit one conference next year, this is the one!


Elisabeth Blom works as a business transformation consultant at Enfo