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Meet Carl from Preem at the Integration Days

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Carl Ekman, 44 years old and IT-Manager Application and Integration at Preem AB. He is focusing on two big things right now. Partly on an ERP-system change that is going live in a few months. Partly on the migration of old integrations to Azure Logic Apps, so that they will only have one integration platform. Carl has attended several Integration Days and the thinks it is going to be exciting to again meet with other people, who are working with integration on a daily basis.


What is your best memory from the Integration Days?

My best memory must be from last time where I participated in a panel discussion about the possibilities of launching integrations on a cloud platform and how easy or hard it is to do in a large company. It was a big problem for many, but at Preem we had come a long way and could therefore describe how to actually proceed to solve it. It was received very well. So it was very fun to be there and talk about it and see many happy people that came up to me afterwards and raised many fun and good follow up questions.

It was also very good to listen to others, but the panel discussion is a very strong memory. 

What do you look forward to most on the Integration Days?

I want to see how far others has come with the migration of integrations to the cloud. It seems like many has started now. I want to know what they are thinking, if they have migrated fully or found another model. So I am wondering how they have done it, what they have done and which platforms they have chosen.

I would also like to know Microsoft’s roadmap for their cloud integration services, what is going on or if we are in standby.

And it is a fun event, so it is just fun going there.

Which presentations would you like to see?

I am interested in new development the most and new possibilities within integration, and API:s and IoT is interesting within that. Presentations about how you can use technology to get further, or if anyone has found a simplified model using another cloud provider and resolved an interesting dilemma.