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Meet Daniel at Integration Days 2019

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Daniel Olsson, 26 years old and an Integration Developer at Enfo. He is currently working with a product called API Connect and is trying to extract analytics data from the cloud.

He feels very excited for his fourth visit to the Integration Days. A bit nervous as well as he is going to be presenting for the first time. But he says it will be fun and educational.

What will you be presenting on the Integration Days? 

I will be presenting our latest service Integration as a Service. The service is all about making it easy, quick and cheap to purchase integrations. I will be demonstrating our self-service portal, where I willDaniel Olsson, Enfo show a practical example of how easy it is to order an integration, to follow how the issue progresses to deployment and then how you can follow up your consumption and how it affects your invoice. 

What are you looking forward to the most on the Integration Days? 

I like technology, so everything that is related to upcoming or new technologies, everything related to the cloud or perhaps even more hybrid solutions. As I work with IBM Cloud I would like to know how other providers are doing. And also, practical examples where the microservice and container theory is applied. That feels like the future. 

Which is your best memory from the Integration Days?

It is difficult to take a specific example, but the customer relations you make during the dinner where you can speak openly about what they are working with and how they are working with integration. Also, the entertainment during the dinner is great and this year my favorite comedian Al Pitcher will be on stage.

You can listen to Daniel's presentation named Integration as a Service, Concepts & Demo during the Integration Days.