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Meet Kristina at Integration Days

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Kristina Gyllander, 47 years old and a Delivery Manager at Enfo, but most recently Event Manager for the Integration Days. She is currently working with filling the agenda by collecting presenters and coordinating subject.

The core of the group is her and Dorotea Gawek, with strong support from Kristina Lid, with experience from past years events. Totally about 30 persons are involved, in one way or another. This is going to be Kristina Gyllander’s sixth Integration Days and the fourth time she arranges it.

How do you feel about the Integration Days?

It is going to be really fun and exciting with the Integration Days. There is a big interest for it in the organizations. There is going to be a lot of new and exciting things that will engaging. 

What is going to be new this year? 

This year the theme is “journey to the cloud, which will of course be reflected in the agenda. There is going to be a lot about integration with and in the cloud, API:s, interesting customer cases.

We are also going to do more with the tech rooms this time, with more scheduled activities. There is going to be a breadth of new technology, demos and hands-on labs. 

We are also trying to get more technology companies to attend. 

What are you looking forward to the most on the Integration Days?

The meeting with everyone in the industry. I will not have time to go to any presentations, but I will have time for meetings with my colleagues in the industry, so that is what I am looking forward to.