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In need of a silver bullet for your digital journey?

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Enfo integration loves structure, structure as well as law and order. We are living in a world which constantly changes which means that we must be able to change and evolve to follow the surrounding world.

Today there is a high focus on what is often called the “Digital Journey” in the meaning of ensuring that businesses can meet the demand from mobile devices (App), internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and any other acronym to describe human and machine interaction. One of the main components of the digital journey is integration; it’s all about integration. 

Although API’s are not the silver bullet to ensure a smooth and simple journey we have found that with the help of API’s we can ensure that our customers minimize time and cost by often more than 50%. Though minimizing cost is always positive as quicker time to market can often be the difference between making and breaking, it is of utmost importance that it is done in the right way and not by building technical debt.

API’s have been around for many years without being perceived as a savior or silver-bullet, so what is the change? I would like to state that it is not as much a technology shift as it is a major culture change. What we are seeing now is a change in how we work with our integrations, where the work is done and by whom. The design driven approach and having an outside in view, is what the business needs and this enables you to provide the information to the business in a self-service manner.

Baseline is Enfo Integrations knowledge base with which we give our customers a quick-start to a customized integration delivery.
I would like to describe how we use Baseline to give our customers head-start and short cut into an optimized delivery model to support the Digital Journey. The first part is a number of customized workshops setting the scene, defining the culture as well as architecture. The second part is a fixed price start-kit to set up your technical Integration and API capability on premise, as a hybrid solution or in the cloud.

The workshops and start-kit are tailored to fit your needs and existing maturity to ensure that you will get the exact size to give you a fully established integration capability and organization. All deliveries are provided as fixed price deliveries ensuring that you know what you get and at what cost. 


Example of workshop set-up


The Baseline start-kit will put in place your technical integration capability, typical an hybrid or cloud API and Integration platform with needed development capabilities such as CI/CD.

With Baseline fixed price offerings I cannot promise you a silver bullet for you digital journey but I can promise you a simpler, smother and smarter journey to meet your market needs.



Baseline start-kit