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Spin your way to automized integration

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Magnus Strömer, Enfo


The fact that the speed of integration is reaching ever new heights is old news – but how do you respond to calls for easier and quicker integration? We asked Enfo’s Magnus Strömer about the latest in integration and a new tool, SPIN, launched at the 2019 Integration Days.


What need does SPIN respond to?

Magnus Strömer: SPIN is one of our services designed to deliver integration as a service in the cloud. We can offer very fast delivery, starting from one day. A definite plus is that we can offer the same experience as if we were using the customer’s cloud – but they won’t in fact need to own one. 

Much of the process is automized: You order integrations through our service portal by filling in a form. It includes automatic guidance so that the request is correct. The order is categorized and sent to our developers who will develop the integration. During the development you can follow the status of the order through our portal. Once it’s deployed you will be able to track the usage and invoicing from the portal. Using our portal, you will be able to see if there are any ongoing incidents and report your own issues and track them from there.

Using our portal, you will be able to see ongoing incidents and report your own issues.


Magnus Strömer


What was the process of creating the product like?

MS: It’s been in development for a few years now. The product is the brainchild of a development team within Enfo integration. The team itself has an extensive experience from integration, having been established in 2001. SPIN is currently available on: Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and any open source cloud supporting either OpenWhisk or Kubernetes.

What is the most important thing people should know about integration in 2019?

MS: It’s all about trust. Many companies are worried about storing their valuable data and integrating in the cloud. At the same time, many have also outsourced their data to partners. This requires a great deal of trust in their solutions. Security is also one of the key factors we work with on SPIN.