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From Super Mario fan sites to cloud & application solutions

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Daniel Jarlevang


Enfo’s Fullstack Developer Daniel Jarlevang’s, 34, career has evolved from designing Super Mario fan sites to creating cloud and application solutions in our Cloud & app development team. Daniel started his programming and coding career when he was just 10 years old. 


But how did Daniel end up working for Enfo? 

“That’s actually a funny story,” says Daniel.

Learning by doing

“I started using computers at a very young age, thanks to my father. He worked at a university and had access to some of the first computers in the early nineties. After a while, we got our first PC. It was basically love at first sight for me,” Daniel explains.

Daniel started playing computer games and soon found himself designing fan sites for his favorites. “Nintendo Super Mario was my absolute favorite and I was such a big fan back then. I just had to start designing a fan site for the game. It was the time Internet Explorer was just released.”

During high school, Daniel was into natural science and math. It was natural for him to continue his path to Computer Science studies at Uppsala University.

His studies contained a lot of math and theoretic lessons, but Daniel has always enjoyed hands-on coding. “While studying, I used to practice my skills by putting together small games. In my opinion, it’s useful to know the theory but I’ve always been more into practical stuff, basically learning by doing,” Daniel says.

“I followed my dad’s footsteps to Enfo”

After university, Daniel got a steady job – surprisingly in an entirely unexpected environment: at Arlanda Airport transporting packages and luggage.

“My colleagues asked me why I wasn’t doing any ‘computer stuff’. I actually did end up doing this ‘computer stuff’ at Arlanda Airport. I created a new scheduling program for our transportation, because the old one wasn’t good enough. I also started updating their Intranet, so I basically turned my job into an IT one,” Daniel laughs.

While working at the airport, Daniel started his own company on the side. He helped small companies to build their information pages by using his knowledge from designing and creating websites.

After a couple of years, employed at the airport by day and working as a freelancer by night, Daniel’s father showed him an interesting job ad.

“Before my father retired, he worked at Enfo. One day he came across this ad for web developers. I applied and was then hired as a web designer. This was in November 2015. I had a portfolio of my own work and my team at Arlanda supporting and referencing me,” Daniel says.

We share knowledge about ways of working, try new stuff and discuss the best options for a good work flow.


Daniel Jarlevang

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Fullstack Developer


Trust gave the confidence to develop and take on more responsibilities

“I’ve come a long way from the beginning. Since day one, I have enjoyed the level of trust at Enfo. I had my own project right away and had to learn everything I didn’t know. During the process I gained quite a lot of confidence and of course more and more knowledge. Now it’s easy to pay this lesson forwards for newcomers: if something is unclear, just figure it out and learn it – it’s a part of the process,” Daniel says.

During his time at Enfo, Daniel’s responsibilities have also extended. He still codes frontend and backend, but also takes more part in the planning, meeting customers and making strategic decisions.

“I enjoy the variety, because every customer has their own work flow we need to adapt to and of course unique projects. I like having more responsibility than before and pushing myself to do more, learn more and use more advanced technologies,” Daniel explains.

Daniel is also a part of Enfo’s tech leader team together with a few other Enfonians around Sweden. 

“We share knowledge about ways of working, try new stuff and discuss the best options for a good work flow in tech teams.”

An opportunity to choose from a variety of options

“I feel like everything is open to me,” says Daniel. “Here at Enfo I have the opportunity to pick a path to walk on. I have a few options. Maybe more project leading in a couple of years. I’ve also tried a bit of team leading which was fun with even more responsibility than before.”

For Daniel, the best things about his job are constantly learning new things, and of course, fellow Enfonians. 

“Our group is definitely fun to work with. Everyone is highly motivated, so there’s no need to tell people what to do. There’s also a great culture of seniors mentoring juniors and helping out. It’s always more fun when everyone is able to contribute to all the cool stuff we do here!”