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System integration of the future part 3

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System integration in the future part 3 – The chicken or the egg

I think most people don’t really build applications that are supposed to go viral and become global, because deep down you might not have that level of belief in yourself. If you don’t have faith in yourself, you don’t really need the latest technology. But what needs to come first, a good viral idea or technology?

In our previous blog post, we discussed a couple of the more recent integration techniques – event streams and API Management. But to a lot of people, recent becomes an excuse. They’re avoided because they aren’t  tested. There just isn’t time to investigate and get a grip on it, and it might eventually only be implemented in the end to avoid falling behind the competition. So many businesses miss a lot of opportunities, unlike Salesforce and eBay, who embraced APIs 20 years ago. 

Event streams and microservice-based architecture also has its challenges. If you build your applications according to traditional patterns, they won’t be able to go viral as they lack the scalability which the technology otherwise can provide. Companies may also need to reorganize microservices to fully leverage the approach. At the same time the application development teams get more autonomy and responsibility, along with the requirement to expand their capabilities.

To help businesses with these challenges and remove integration from the equation, Enfo implemented Integration as a Service back in 2010. This enabled our customers to focus on other aspects than integration platforms, integration development, resourcing, licensing, support, monitoring, incident management etc. Instead, they could focus on what’s most important to them: Their business and customers. To me, this is a real game changer, moving from a traditional outsourcing of integration where businesses are still stuck with a lot of responsibility and issues, to a full-fledged service which takes care of all aspects of integration.

In the beginning of 2019 we launched the latest version of Integration as a Service together with an order portal. This makes it possible to order integrations in a simple and user-friendly way, without having to be an expert in the area. The portal gives you full insight into the service and displays the details of our ongoing activities, your service consumption and the composition of the next invoice for the service. It’s designed to work for every type of business, from enterprise level to small and medium size businesses.

You don’t need to have an IT department to benefit from Integration as a Service. As we build and deliver the service with a modern approach, we’re not limited to “just” developing and providing integrations, we can also deliver APIs and event streams, as well as other technologies as they emerge – all without additional effort from our customers’ side.

The chicken or the egg refers to a cyclical paradox of “what came first”. Anyone who focuses on that issue will quickly forget to focus on the important part; You need an idea, and you need the technology to support it at the same time. Like the chicken and the egg, a slow evolution with an agile approach and incremental improvements will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, but the important thing is to have the ability to grow. With Integration as a Service you can focus on what you do best – your idea, your business, and your customers.

Check out our portal and read more about the service here

PS. If you’re wondering, the egg came long before the chicken. Turtles, snakes and crocodiles lay eggs, and they are all older than the chicken. Technically, the animals who eventually lay the egg, which combined the DNA into chickens, were almost chickens, but not quite. DS.

Salih Serdenak