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System integration in the future part 4

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Are you tired of the need of downloading an app each and every time you need to do something?

I know that I am. Smartphones and digitalization are supposed to make my life easier but is this happening?

What I am, what I do, what I want, what I think is quickly becoming easily accessible common knowledge and with this knowledge companies believe that they can make my life easier or maybe their profit bigger, I am still to be convinced.

In my phone I have at least four apps for parking and most likely when I arrive in a new town, I need to download another one. I have an app for every bus and train company in the cities which I visit regularly and I have a number of taxi apps. I can continue to enumerate similar cases for longer than you want to read but I believe you get the picture.

Perhaps apps are not taking over my life but at least apps are taking over my smartphone and to what use?

I believe that, what we have discussed for a long time API-economy and API ecosystem, will very soon also be seen more in practice.

For me this is very exciting since two things that I really believe in will need to cooperate to make it work: APIs and joint venture. Thinking from an outside in perspective, that is from a customer need. Imagine the most awesome customer journey and then together ensure that it is put in place seamlessly and without any hazzle for the customer. So how should this be done?

I believe what companies need to do is to put competition aside and instead build business models to achieve revenue sharing thus delivering the complete service together to the customer. Instead of striving to own the customer, focus on being best in delivering your core competence and together with partners, suppliers, competitors provide a combined world class service that is above and beyond customer expectations. You need to be brave and change your mindset from customer ownership to customer outcome and combining services in a coherence economy. With APIs and application network you will have the Lego bricks needed to build the seamless customer experience but most importantly is the change of mindset that will build the business models to ensure that everyone involved including the customers comes out as winners.

The companies that will achieve this will be the winners, they are the ones that I will give my money to. The customer experiences that provide seamless and effortless value without compromising my integrity, these are the services which I will use and pay for.

Are you ready to build your share of the seamless customer experience and be part of the coherence economy?

Contact us, we would love to walk there together!


Kristina Lid