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Time to create a digital product? Here are 4 attributes you need to look for in your supplier!

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We believe that traditional customer relationships create traditional products. If you want to create an extraordinary, innovative product that will change your business – you need a different kind of relationship.

Here are four attributes that we believe your supplier must have!

1. You need to like one another and be best friends!

It may sound strange but, in order to create really great things together, you also need to enjoy each other’s company. Think about how you are with you nearest and dearest. The relationship you should be looking for with a supplier is one of mutual friendship. 

A desire to work together, to create a collaboration that both parties want to be part of, in which honesty and transparency are your watchwords. A relationship driven by both sides in which you understand each other to the extent that you are almost finishing each other’s sentences. You and your supplier must understand one another completely and work towards the same goals with shared enthusiasm and interests. Only then have you laid the foundations for creating truly exciting things together! 

2. Be awesome when it comes to seeing digital business opportunities

Your new friend needs to be an expert at seeing digital business opportunities; the kind of opportunities that put you in the lead and leave your competitors trailing in your wake. Capturing those digital business opportunities and identifying solutions that are compatible with your company and your industry.  

Someone who can see openings for creating long-term business solutions that will create the seamless and recurring areas of contact that your customers and users want.

Only when you have the product in your hand is it imbued with soul.


Niklas Thulin

Author's title

Digital Evangelist


3. Have the ability to give your idea a soul

The commercial side of a service or product is generally rational and, in all honesty, fairly boring. Only when you have the product in your hand is it imbued with soul. Only when your friend succeeds in giving your digital product life and availability do you solve your customer’s problem. The user must be offered immediate affirmation and a desire to continue using the product. 

If the experience of booking their first night at Airbnb had failed to live up to expectations, then the user would not have returned. Here, it is crucial to maintain a close dialogue that keeps you in touch with what users actually think. Your friend must be obsessed with finding out what 9 out of 10 customers think.

4. Have the engineering muscle to make anything into a reality

To move from concept to prototype to launched digital product or service is more difficult than one might think. This is where we see that suppliers who are unused to scaling up from zero to thousands of users in only a few months face enormous challenges. 

Sadly, if your friend doesn’t have solid, in-depth technical knowledge, it will prove impossible to realize your product. 


Niklas Thulin, Digital Evangelist