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We at Enfo love structure

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Enfo loves structure, structure as well as law and order. During almost 20 years, we have helped our customers to get right information, to the right place, at the right time and for the right cost.

The knowledge and best practice that we have gathered and refined is stored in our knowledge base called Baseline. By structuring the knowledge and constantly refining it, we are able to re-use it and give our customers a quick start to a customized integration delivery.

We ensure that by customizing artifacts, processes and tools to fit the specific customer we do not lock-in our customer with proprietary material, instead we see to that customer stays with Enfo because we constantly give benefit to their business.

We believe that our customers will be able to meet their business demands, their customers’ needs as well as technology shifts much faster and more efficiently if they have their integration capabilities organized in a structured manner.

The beauty about our set-up is that we need to maintain and evolve Baseline in the same way as we recommend our customers to constantly maintain and evolve their integration capability.

The way we do it is by customizing workshops where Enfo provides our expertise and semi-manufactured artifacts and our customer supplies business knowledge and knowledge of where they want to go.  When you collect the central stakeholders for an entire day to discuss the same topic all get the same view, the same knowledge and same perception of how to reach the wanted goal, it is fantastic to see how much the group can achieve during a day’s workshop. We have experienced with our customers that the workshop method saves weeks of investigations, discussions and false starts.

The backbone of Baseline is the Baseline maturity model. We divide the integration elephant in digestible parts, this facilitates achieve the focus which gives progress.

We guide our customers to combine the correct workshops to meet their specific needs to get the needed kick-start to the digital journey.


Enfo Baseline model


I promise you that the Baseline method really works.

What are your believes?

What are your visions for achieving your digitalization journey?

What are your opportunities and challenges which you want to meet by moving information?


Kristina Lid, Baseline Manager, Enfo