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Welcome to Integration Days 2019 31st of January to 1st of February 2019!

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I love working with continuous improvement, ensuring that by taking advantage of mistakes and victories, that is lessons learnt, things can get better and better. 

Thus, getting the opportunity to lead the team organizing Enfo Integration Days for the third time is a privilege, which I truly cherish and I will do my best for us to exceed your expectations. 

So here we go again…making Integration Days 2019 best ever. Integration Days the biggest, the best and most inspiring event around system integration in the Nordics! With digitalization being number one on the business agenda, it truly is all about integration! 

To follow the tradition started last year the Winner of Enfo Chief Integration Officer Award 2019 will be awarded during the event. Take the opportunity now to nominate your special Integration Hero to the award at, to ensure that the Jury will pick your candidate to be among the three that will compete during the event.  

We are proud to present Maria Strömme as one of our key speakers, she will kick-off the event and set the scene to make us ready to be enlightened, energized, evolutionized and raised to the clouds at Enfo Integration Days 2019. 

Register and read more about the event on, as the event comes closer the information on the event site will continuously be updated. 

Please give us input and tell what you would like to see on Integration Days! Email your suggestions to

What do you: 

  • Want more of? 
  • Want less of?
  • Want better?

Your input matters, it is together we make Integration Days great!

Welcome to Integration Days 2019 at Lindholmen conference center Gothenburg, Sweden 31st of January to 1st of February 2019!


Kristina Lid is the project manager of Integration Days