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Why are we developing inbound recruiting at Enfo?

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Why are we developing inbound recruiting at Enfo? Roughly over a year ago, we started to develop Inbound Recruiting operations at Enfo. We had a new strategy with a 3-year track leading to significant growth. Looking at the goals, we knew there is no other way to meet the necessary recruitment numbers than to change how we had always recruited.


What is inbound recruiting?

Inbound recruiting is a recruitment methodology that organizes the conventional recruitment process into three parts:

•    Growing the relevant talent audience for the company.

•    Generating and nurturing prospective applicants as recruitment leads.

•    Transferring qualified recruitment leads to the hiring process when the time is right for the company and the potential applicants.

When conventional recruitment is a short-term campaign, that has a start date and an end date, inbound recruiting works all the time with the goal of generating and nurturing recruitment leads until we need to hire and the talent has a need to change jobs.

When we connect recruiting and systematic employer branding, we can influence and impact the talents we need to hire instead of having settle with just those talents that happen to be actively looking for a job during those 14 to 30 days our position was open for applications.

Why isn’t conventional recruiting enough?

Most sales and marketing people are painfully aware that consumers are no longer buying products when a company needs to sell. Instead, consumers spend much time online googling for answers for their questions, solutions to their problems and recommendations from their peers. So when they find what they like, they make a purchase decision. And that is very often way before they even meet a sales rep.

Talents are also consumers. They act the same way when they shop for solutions and when they shop for career needs. This type of talent behavior is especially relevant in positions and roles in the IT sector.

Most business and technical professionals in the IT sector never end up reading job posts on job boards. They don’t need to. There are plenty of head hunters and companies who make sure the minute these talents indicate a need for a new job, they already have job offer.

Conventional recruitment is not able to deliver an enormous amount of talents a company like Enfo needs.

Inbound recruiting works all the time with the goal of generating and nurturing recruitment leads.


Susanna Rantanen

Author's title

Talent acquisition advisor


Why are we developing inbound recruiting at Enfo?

We are developing inbound recruiting for the simple reason of helping our consultant managers (team managers) and business leaders to succeed in their jobs.

With an active inbound recruiting function, we can continuously build awareness about Enfo’s growth plans, our focus areas of data, cloud and transformation, as well as how our employees are working hard to deliver the customer promise.

When the inbound recruiting in an active mode, we do continuous employer branding to build awareness and give our audiences reasons to learn to like us and follow us. The best way to accomplish this is to give our audiences what they google:  inspiration, professional tips and entertainment.

As our audiences learn about us and engage in online conversations with us, our talent acquisition managers can start building relationships with them.

The benefit of this all is, that when our consultant managers approach us with an urgent need to hire, we should already have suitable candidates in the funnel ready to have those final talks with the recruiting manager.

It all takes time though. Learning these new ways of recruiting takes time. Adopting the tools and the platforms required for inbound recruiting take their own time. We are all taking steps, some days faster, some days slower, but going forward every day.

Every time our talent acquisition managers receive that important “thank you for helping me to hire the right talent” from the recruiting consultant managers, they want to take a thousand steps forward to be even a better help next time.


Susanna Rantanen is an advisor to Enfo Talent Acquisition