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AWS Lead Developer

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Now, the opportunity has arrived to play an important role in Enfo's aspiration of becoming one of the leading supplier of cloud solutions in the Nordics. Not only will you gain deeper knowledge within this field, but also be able to use your creativity and capability in motivating and engaging your team members when providing our customers with the best possible solutions there is. 

We believe it’s not just about what you do – it’s about how you do it. We provide genuine care, taking ownership of our customers’ business transformation as if it were our own. We both build and run digital solutions – supporting our customers in mastering the complex scene of hybrid platforms, business applications and new digital services. 

Enfo is an AWS Managed Service Provider and Advanced Partner, but we also deliver in Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Our agile teams consist of certified architects, developers and system administrators who deliver and create solutions on the leading cloud platforms. 

Could this be your next career move? 

As a Lead Developer you will have an overall technical responsibility in cloud projects where you will work with architecture and services on the largest cloud platforms.  

You will join a talented agile team where you will make strategic decisions about designing, building, deploying and maintaining solutions. You will gain exposure to a wide range of our software solutions and the technologies backing these solutions, e.g. AWS. You will also require strong interpersonal and communication skills, as you’ll regularly interact with our customers.  

During the first 3 months: 

  • You have learned to know your team members, and they know how you can help them to succeed 
  • You have started to develop great partnerships with key people at our major clients and they see how you and your team can help them to deliver their goals 
  • You are involved in delivering your first AWS solution in a project or team you are involved in  

By the end of 2019:

  • You are well-knowned within Enfo.
  • You have trusting partnerships with several key people at our major clients and they can feel how you understand them and deliver their goals
  • You are up and running delivering agile AWS solutions in the projects and teams you are involved in 
  • You take charge with deep comfort and belief in you and your team. You challenge our customers when suggesting new tech solutions and line out the solutions with your fellow co-workers

What are the benefits of this role for me? 

  • Imagine if you would be one of the first in the Nordics to continuously deliver pure code solutions using the latest cloud tech that is operated by an AWS MSP 24/7 cloud care team. How well does that look in your CV? Talking about forerunners! 
  • Imagine yourself with a reputation of a leader who talents aspire to work with and follow, as you set an example of a leader who inspires, enables and encourages the talent managers relentlessly in their roles and goals 
  • And as a result of these, imagine how you and your team will become irreplaceable and respected key personnel at Enfo 

It is paramount that you have: 

  • 3 years experience of Cloud development  
  • A modern, open mind willing to learn and share your knowledge with others  
  • Excellent communmication skills
  • Fluent in English, written and verbal 
  • An interest in new technology in the cloud, preferably within AWS 
  • Knowledge of Linux and / or other relevant technology areas 
  • A curious and flexible mind where you always look for new ways to streamline and automate as many parts of the solutions as possible 
  • Social skills and likes to interact with customers and motivate colleagues  

This position is likely to be located at our Stockholm or Gothenburg offices, but we’re willing to consider our other offices for the best match.  

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Matilda Krantz


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